Prices: tomato plants & annuals

Sgarden(z5 MI)May 5, 2005

This is my first year selling. How much do folks generally charge for tomato plants and annuals? I'd appreciate some feedback greatly!


Sarah in Michigan

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I pay $9/flat(36 plants) for tomato plants

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$3/6 pack

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Sue_in_Colorado(about 5)

Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, strawberries & squashes in 2 1/2" pots: $1.25 each, mix & match 5 for $5.00.

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stan_gardener(cen ca)

i use 16 oz plastic cups,$2.00 ea 3/$5.00.

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I charge for 3 1/2 - 4" pots CN$2 (US$1.60) each, for gallon pots CN$5 (US$4) each (but they are not going very well at all at the moment). I also do cherry tomatoes in a 10" hanging basket for CN$8 (US$6.40).

Powell River, BC, Canada

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sunflowerstand(z6a MI)

I live in Michigan, too. Last year was my first year selling plants. I researched quite a bit and found that $2.50 per tomato plant was a common price for market gardeners. We did very well charging that price with a discount for a flat of 12. We are selling heirlooms and growing organically. The tomatoes are grown in four inch pots and the vegetables and flowers are in flats of 18 (3 inch, I think)and charge $1.50 each. We are in an area with about fifty large greenhouse centers within 5-10 miles who sell their stuff much cheaper but don't do what we do. I don't know if you do organic or heirlooms, but when I was researching, I saw a lot of market people selling conventionally grown hybrid varieties for that price, too, who also said they did well. The personal touch and the customer liking and trusting the grower seemed to be the key. There also seems to be a magic number kinda of thing about pricing, I grew up working in a family retail business
and many people say that. $2.50 appears to be like that for tomatoes from what I can tell :)

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Sgarden(z5 MI)

Thanks so much sunflowerstand. Yes, I do grow heirlooms and don't use any pesticides/herbicides, so when you put it that way, I do have something special to offer. I admit I have had a hard time with pricing and get a little worried about it. I'm also a one-person operation so the labor involved is intense, even for the small amount I grow.
Zone 6a in Michigan huh? I'm in Ann Arbor area so we are just a bit chillier, but not much.
thanks everyone for your advice.

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