Spring Swap

gardengranma(6a/6b MD)March 16, 2013

If you girls and boys would like to have it again at my house,Larry and I would be glad to do so. Either date is ok with us. I'd like to do the usual-someone else should do the organizing and we get the place ready - any volunteers for the grand poobah? Time got away from me and I almost forgot-thank you Larry for reminding me.

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Larry K(7a)

Just before I saw this I had emailed Henrietta confirming May 11 since that was almost 50% better, surveywise, than any of the other Saturdays.

Larry (the other one; this gets confusing)

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For us newbies, can someone post how it works? I'm excited to be going!

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Okay, so May 11th it is. Great and good. Thanks Henrietta and Larry for hosting. It's always such a nice venue at your house...looking forward to it.

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gardengranma(6a/6b MD)

We are looking forward to hosting. Can someone start the chain with have and want and directions and food and maybe post an old one about how it works for newbies? Garden granma and grandpa.

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annebert(6b/7a MD)

Yippee! I will have to brew some beer.

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

I am getting these threads posted now.

Will post again when they are up.


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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

Threads are posted.

I could co-poobah with someone... Anyone game to share?

  • â Preliminary clerical work (food/haves/wants threads)

â Recruiting thread on the main discussion page

â Answering questions as they come in (â many will help there)

Making sure set up / parking / nametags / etc, all go smoothly on-site

Encouraging lots of clean up on-site

What else? A pair of us and it'll be a cinch.


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Hi-- Who is invited? What kinds of things one bring to the swap? Where is it held? I see that there are supposed to be treads posted but I don't see them, so apologies if my questions are answered there.

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kimka(Zone 6B)

Here is the cut and paste from past swaps.

Anyone and everyone is invited, you don't have to be a gardenwebber. But we do ask newcomers to be polite and not take all of everything in their excitement (especially anything labeled as a pre-arranged trades).

MAG swaps tend to be very informal with anything goes. People bring anywhere from no plants to dozens and new seedlings to major divisions, Many of the plants will be bare root and wrapped in newspaper or tucked into plastic bags rather than potted upped.

There are haves, wants and what I'm bring for the potluck threads on the exchange page as well as basic instructions for each of these parts.

If you see something on the "haves" thread that you want, you email the person directly and ask for it. If you have stuff to swap, you offer it. If not, just say I don't really have anything to swap so I'm bringing chocolate...I mean something to eat. At our swaps, we pretty much just offer our plants to new homes and when you reach the point of having plants to divide and pass on, you do the same for the next group of newbie gardeners.

On the day of the swap, you set out your prearranged trades (labeled with the person's name and what the plant is) and in a second grouping anything you are giving away. People just stroll around asking about plants and take what they want.

We talk gardening and gossip from about 10 to 11:45ish and then adjourn for the potluck. After lunch, anything left is pushed on people (If you look at something, you have to take one; if you ask about it, you have to take two.)

People also bring garden magazines, plastic pots, garden equipment, almost anything garden related they want to swap or give away.

Gardengranma has a fabulous garden and house in Burtonsville, MD directions are provided on the threads) and a field where she has us all park. It helps if you label your car with your gardenweb handle and your name and a wear a similar nametag.

That's about the sum of our rules: Be polite, bring what you can, take home a car load of plants.

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Thank you, Gardengramma and Larry! Thank you, the other Larry!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Newbie here and it certainly looks as if I dropped by at the perfect time! Not sure I have anything to swap yet, but I can bring food! Sounds like a perfect day! My DH used to bike through Burtonsville back in younger days. :) Lovely area.

I will keep checking for more postings since I gather there is lots more info on this that I don't yet know!


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Bummer that it's the 11th. I thought that folks would opt out of having it Mother's Day weekend. I scheduled my work day for that, thinking that the swap would be the first weekend of May as it has been. I'll post my wants list soon and have my friend pick them up. Will swap cookies for plants!

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Yippeee! Glad we got May 11th nailed down, see you all at Gardengranma's.

Jette / busyasabee

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Newby here just moved into a new townhouse with minimal landscaping. I might could bring some varigated ajuga or sedum Autumn Joy, but who doesn't have this already if they wanted it. I can provide food though as I love to cook. Just tell me whether you want a side dish or dessert. I might bring two new neighbors. Is this allowed? Thanx! Hal

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Preppyboy, I'm actually looking for a ton of ajuga to fill an area where grass won't grow. So yes to the ajuga! :) Click on the "Exchanges" link on top of the MidAtlantic forum for the trade lists.

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CEFreeman(DC/MD Burbs 7B)

Oh, great! I was just coming to look to see if there was a date decision, since I have to ask for the day off NOW!

Mother's Day. Isn't that Sunday, not Saturday? Because I, working in a restaurant, must work Sunday. Nonetheless, planning at least 4 weeks in advance...

I will have a truck load of stuff. Not only my own (I started repotting and dividing in November) but a friend's, whose SO moved back to Idaho, leaving her with 2 acres of overgrown, mostly potted everything!.

Henrietta, thanks. It'll be wonderful to see everyone.

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

Post at this new thread so we can attract newcomers & lots of plants we do not already have :) (pants like dog)

New MAG Swap promotion thread


Here is a link that might be useful: New MAG Swap promotion thread

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

Also, I posted hyperlinks to all of the Have, Want, and Food threads there so that Promotion thread can act as a central hub for all things.


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