moving a japanese maple tree?

newlife2June 24, 2007

When would be the best time to move a japanese maple. It is a new tree that has only been planted for approximately one month. It is an Inabe...

Any tips?

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

Where do you live?? How big is it... age and size ?? What condition is it in are the leaves already burnt?? Why are you moving it?? Are you moving from sun to shade??? Is it already scorching hot there??
Please give all the info ya can otherwise any answer is a crap shoot ...
Of course it is always best to move stuff early spring and fall but there are exceptions and necessities ..please illucidate ..David

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Size won't have any factor as of yet.

Move it and keep it well-watered. Place a temporary shading material over the tree however you decide to rig it...

Splash when you are able to on very hot days the foliage, and continue to care for it this way next year, as well. Moving it one month after planting won't effect the tree whatsoever.

All the assumptions myersphcf is concerened about you have not disclosed, so I see no need to make this into something it probably is not! Even if so, the steps/precautions mentioned by the two of us would still be the same.

And always be weary of anyone who uses words like, "illucidate!"


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I am in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The reason I am considering moving the tree is that I don't think the area is sheltered enough and it is in West area. I was told on a Canadian forum that the tree does not like West exposure. I have to say this whole japanese maple experience for me has been a stress. I bought one tree last year that got hit by the frost this spring and I have one other that is new that I bought on a whim. ( I have to stop that). With that being said, I would like to give the tree the best location and care I can possibly give. The tree is very small at this point. I would guess 5 feet tall. Thanks for your help it is apprceiated. :)

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All other issues aside, June going into July is perhaps the least desirable time of year to move and transplant a Japanese maple. There are too many climatic stressors and these are somewhat fussy and delicate trees. However, only one month in the ground is unlikely to have much impact on the process. I'd still attempt such a move only on a cloudy or overcast day when the temperatures are predicted to be mild or very early in the morning or late in the evening to reduce transpiration shock. Make sure the new location is properly prepared and dug before moving the tree from its current home and make sure it has been thoroughly watered prior to the move.

Having said all this, I'm not sure moving is even necessary. A western exposure at a latitude 45 is not too severe for this tree, providing it receives adequate moisture in summer and during any dry periods. 'Inaba Shidari' is a recommended cultivar for full sun and hot, humid climates. IMO, it would be better to leave in place than to move it at this time of year. I'd be more inclined to be concerned about its winter hardiness in zones 4-5 and potential for wind exposure.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with the use of the term "illucidate" - it's a very good word, but would carry much greater impact if spelled correctly :-) That would be 'elucidate'.

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

I agree if it is that small in your area and it not leafless and totally already stressed (I must read closer...I didn't even see that it was an 'Inaba shidare' a really hardy tree ) ( BTW since GG pointed out my admittedly terrible spelling... the shidare shouldn't be capitalized ;>) ) you could move it but it probabably isn't necessary. We all want to do the best we can to give out JM's the best chance to suvive and thrive but we all go a little over board at times as I do so I understand your worry on this ..I concur with GG's "elucidation" completly...david

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You are entirely correct, David :-) - the second or any subsequent portions of a Japanese cultivar name is not correctly capitalized although any Anglicized cultivar names are. Why this is the way it is is a bit of a mystery, at least to me. I've never encountered any definitive explanation for it. I assume it just has to do with the conventions of the Japanese language. At any rate, thanks for "elucidating" that point for us all :-)

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I wasn't kidding!


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