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mitsys_heartJune 10, 2009

I planted a this maple 2 years ago. Not sure of type. I bought this tree because it said on tag >> in the fall the leaves would be red in color. 1st year covered tree through winter. No problems. 2nd year I believed it was more hearty so, did not cover through winter. This Spring 2009 the tops of all branches were dead and brittle. New foilage has appeared and is healthy. I waited for a month to see if they would come back, which they did not.. In which I pruned each individual branch. MY QUESTION >> This coming 2009 winter should I cover the tree from the elements? It is only approx. 5ft tall or less. Also, was I correct to prune all the dead and brittle branches to the base of the first junction of the tree >> from top and down? I also, had alot of suckers at the base of tree of ground level >> which I prunned them off also. Any input is appreciated

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In my opinion you did everything you should have done. I am facing the same thing with a few of mine. It was a rough winter and spring, some of mine that died back had been in the ground years.

If it's a five foot tree and still looks like a tree after pruning (I have issues with keeping trees that look gross due to whatever:)) you could wrap it or spray with WiltPruf or both. Japanese maples are harder to grow for those of us in zone 5. I usually wrap mine until they are too big to wrap with floating row cover. Hope this helps.

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