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herbgardenerMay 14, 2009

I have been selling to a restaurant and caterer for the past two years. Because my space is so limited I have seeked out planting what is not available in the stores. Both clients have really appreciated this as it makes them stand out above the rest.

This year I have planted eight varieties of cherry tomatoes and also Aunt Molly ground cherries.

Any ideas for pricing would be appreciated?

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I would try for a minimum of $5 a pint. You are special growing them for the customer. You can hardly afford any less. get more if possible. Not sure now British Columbia prices are. But a pint will go a long way in a restaurant. I would guess over 50 tomatoes at a dime each is cheap.

You can always come down but it is harder to go up. Just tell them that you figured your costs at $5 a pint to grow them. You can tell them you will reduce the price if the yield is better then expected.

you have to become a salesman. You have to let them know how special the restraunt is. and how special you grow these for them. How hard you are working on the project of finding them the very best. not every item will be a success so you need a good price on them all for now.

I do not sell to restraunts but I know some pay super high prices. Probably $20 a pint if you ship them say to NYC. etc.

A party goes into a restaurant today and walks out paying over $100. you deserve a dime for a premium cherry tomato. You have to sell yourself first. then you can sell them better. You have to become convinced you are the best and they will be the best.

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Thanks very much the info. I have been really fortunate to have customers who appreciate all the hard work I do. I just have a hard time getting a price on some things when I can not find them in the stores to begin with.
Once again thanks

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Hi herbgardner,

I'm not going to be much help here. I am doing the same as you and growing for market first time this year. I am doing mostly cherry tomatoes and also trying ground cherries for the first time. I am doing my quarts for $3-4 for tom's and will probably be a little lower on the gr. cherries b/c they will be new this year and I am sure most people in this area will not know what they are. I have a question for you. How are the ground cherries doing? Mine are leggy and they need put out, but are not strong enough yet. Were yours like that? Everything else I grew did well and I had nice stocky plants. Is this normal for these?


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Hi Andrea: Sorry for the not replying sooner - my ground cherries are going great guns. I have six of them and the tallest one is about 2' and two of them are already in bloom. This is my first time for them also. I have had them in the ground for about a month. Keep me posted on how yours are doing. I found the biggest thing was to give recipes out. My business started with just fresh cut herbs and I printed a booklet to give out for free explaining how to use the herbs. This really increased my sales. Also did this with patty pan squash as it is not readily available here and people didn't know what to do with it. As soon as I gave a brochure with it I could keep the produce store supplied with enough of it. Good Luck!!

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herbgardener I am growing patty pan squash and would love to have a few good recipes Have any you could share? Thanks

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Hi gardener1908: When the patty pan are small just to saute them in butter are delicious. When the are larger, I cut the top off and stuff them with sauted mushrooms, onion, garlic and small amount of bread stuffing and top with parmesan cheese then bake in the oven.
Also great with other roasted vegetables. They really are the best when the are small - just pop in your mouth size.

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herbgardener, Thanks, sounds delish. I will give them both a try.

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