bending branches to the ground

benjoe(7)June 16, 2009

I was wondering if you bend all the branches down to the ground, what would be the final outcome? I just got some 2 year old seedling Japanese maples and i pegged down the lowest branches to get a very wide tree eventually.

Has anyone ever tried this before, what were your outcomes?



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It depends on the seedling. You can't really force a naturally upright tree into a weeping form. But there are many low wide cultivars available to buy. It doesn't hurt to experiment though.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Well, if you bend them into the ground, they may root ;-). If the tendancy is to grow up, even after hardening a branch off in a weeping/spreading position, the new growth will still want to go up. But, like kjskjs said, go ahead and try it (and show us the pics if you like the results).


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i realize that it will not turn into a weeping variety, i am just trying to achieve a very wide tree and was wondering f there s anything that need to be careful with, or something i shouldn't do. the branches are laying on the ground, i used a old metal hanger and cut it to make "staples" that i pegged it right down to the ground, i just wish they grew faster so i had more to do. i will try to take pictures tomorrow. I'm not sure if i can get them onto the computer tomorrow too but ll post them soon. thanks

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