Favorite Cherry Tomato

hostaholic2 z 4, MNJanuary 22, 2014

I've been perusing the plethora of offerings in the seed catalogs, and in my quest I came to wonder what everyone's favorites are especially among the cherry tomatoes. I've been growing Sweet Baby Girl for several years and have been very happy with it, but I'm always looking to try new varieties. A couple that caught my eye are Cherry Buzz and Tomatoberry Garden. Has anyone tried either of these? If not what is your favorite? Feel free to share your favorites of other veggie varieties as well.

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I'm not a huge fan of cherry tomatoes, but I always grow Sungold F1 hybrid and Black Cherry or Chocolate Cherry. This year I'll be trying out African Vining and Matt's Wild Cherry. I had Green Zebra Cherry this past season, but didn't think much of it, other than it looked good on the plate.


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Also not a big fan of cherry tomatoes, but I do love them on the grill. I only grow one cherry variety exclusively in the garden now, an heirloom I got from an older gentleman in a nearby town who has been growing it for decades. He did not know the name anymore so I named it after him in order to keep track of it. Produces large but not excessive amounts of very uniform golf ball sized crack- and split-free cherry tomatoes that have better flavor than most I have grown in the past.

Technically speaking I do not think it is a cherry type, but last year I grew a Sub Arctic Plenty in a container. There are at least two different varieties with this name, mine is the indeterminate variety that produces golf ball sized fruits. The plant attained a height of around 10 feet and produced continuously throughout the summer right up to the first hard frost. Crack-and split-free fruits in clusters of three, fairly thick skinned, flavor was acceptable. It was more fun to watch the plant grow than it was to eat the fruit once my main tomato crop started producing. It was my second-earliest producer of tomatoes last year.

I have several requests for Sub Arctic Plenty plants this year from people that want to try to duplicate that amazing plant height. If anyone wants to try this be sure to use a very large container. My 15 gallon container not only got severely root bound but the plant got top heavy and the slightest wind risked blowing the whole thing over. I temporarily weighted mine down with cement blocks until I ended up placing the plant where I could tie it to the porch roof. Next time I will try using 25 gallon container and see how well that works.

An impressive new try last year was a cascading container variety called "Cherry Falls". I put three plants in one large container on a plant stand and the plants cascaded thickly two to three feet downward, setting nickel- to quarter-sized cherry tomatoes in clusters all the way down. Incredible production for the size of the plants. Gave me my first tomatoes last year, produced far more than could be eaten. I could not keep up with harvesting, got tired of picking up ripe ones that had fallen to the ground so I finally yanked the plants. A very pretty container plant when in its prime, a lot of people who saw my container last year are requesting that I start some plants for them this year.

Please keep us posted regarding what varieties you decide to grow and how they do for you. :-)


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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

Thanks for the responses, I do like cherry toms to a point, however whatever I can't use my son -in -law is happy to consume, or I take to church where they always disappear. When I get to the point where I don't want to see another one, I yank them.

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I like cherry tomatoes... closest thing we have to instant gratification, tomatowise. I like Sungold (if I can pick them before they split) and Black Cherry. I didn't care for Tomatoberry Garden--texture is too crunchy, more like a grape tomato.

Sunpeach F1 is similar to Sungold, though not as fruity. Blush, an elongate bicolor, is very nice, and the Pink Bumble Bee and Purple Bumble Bee striped round ones from the same California breeder as Blush is quite nice too. Green Doctors is sweet and prolific as well.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I am growing Sungold again this year as it is good tasting, prolific and pretty (orange-yellow).

Not exactly a cherry but still small is Riesentraube. It has that good old time tomato flavor and is prolific and has become a staple in my veg. garden. One year I grew it in a partly shaded area where the fruit were tiny (think current) and flavor was intense. Think I will put one in the shade again this spring.

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spacetogrow(4 MN)

Matt's Wild Cherry is very flavorful, almost like a SweetTart. The fruits are very small, and they get a little split as soon as you pull the stem off, so it may be best for grazing while working in the garden. Also, it seems more prone to self-sowing. If you pick a special place to plant it the first time, you may not have to plant it again for years.

Tommy Toe is a good sized cherry that has a good old fashioned tomato flavor, with good productivity.

Blondkopfchen is highly prolific with sweet-tart flavor. It is so rampant, though, that it is a bully to its neighbors.

I haven't tried any that you mentioned.

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

I have and am growing Blush again this year. I did order Tomatoberry Garden, guess I should have checked back here again. Well, we'll see how everyone likes it this summer. I like Sungold but don't grow it because I swap Blush with a friend who grows it. Hope everyone is staying warm.

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I like the large red cherry tomato. They don't seem to crack as much, have more flavor, and I get a lot of them on the vines...on the way out, I grab a handful and munch in the van...

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I grow Blondkopfchen every year and keep dishes of them around like candy.

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I grow have grown Cherry Buzz for the past three years and grave been happy with it. It has a good flavor and has grown trouble free. However, my favorite cherry tomato is Black Cherry which has a sweet rich flavor. Cherry Buzz has a more sweet/tart flavor. I also have grown Blondkopfchen a very sweet cherry that. The three complement each other well. They all have a place in my garden and look and taste great together in salads and pasta dishes.

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I don't like the sweetness of most cherry tomatoes, like sun gold, but I've had good luck with Mexico Midget (SSE Heirloom variety). It has a flavor more like a larger, full-flavored tomato and they're small, only about the size of a large blueberry. I love the little guys. It grows in a tall lanky plant, so have some trellising ready :)

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We love Sun Sugar Tomatoes. Relatives, friends, co-workers go nuts over them. One year I had both Sun Sugar and Sun Gold - had started plants to give to many folks. My adult kids swore by the Sun Sugar instead of Sun Gold. I also grow Chocolate Cherry. Some people like them, some don't.

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