Sick Maples

akay56(5b)June 15, 2013

I just bought my house a few months ago and was very much looking forward to enjoying my beautiful yard. My problem started with my maple trees, they have black spots on the leaves and leaves are dropping already. I thought it was just going to be my maple trees but now my strawberry and tomato plants have brown spots and my yellow roses have red spots all over them. It seems my entire yard my be infected. What do I do? This is my first home and gardening is new to me.

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I think it might be anthracnose. But how do I treat my entire yard. My trees are very tall.

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Black spots on maple leaves are most often associated with tar spot, a fungal issue. Although it may result in some early leaf drop, it is generally not something that requires any treatment. Just clean up and dispose of any fallen leaves as the fungal spores can harbor on them over winter.

Plant diseases are usually very host-specific - what is happening to your maples has no relationship to the other plants. The weather much of the country has experienced this spring has encouraged the development of a lot of fungal issues, some that should be treated and others than can be ignored. If you post photos of the problems, a correct diagnosis of the disease can usually be deteremined and then treatment - if any - suggested. Try the Pests and Diseases forum for quick results.

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Thank you, I will try to post pictures tomorrow.

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