Sulky Plumbago

garystpaul(4)February 15, 2010

Hi, folks. This is my second attempt to grow a plumbago in a south-facing attached greenhouse here in St. Paul, and I'm getting the same lousy resultsÂwilty leaves, general lack of vigor, no blooms. I'd like to know what this bloody plant needs to be happy inside. Any experience to share? Thanks, Gary.

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I have not tried to grow plumbago indoors, but I regularly use in it containers outdoor in the summer. If it is plumbago auriculata that you are trying to procure indoors, it may be a difficult task... if I can compare it to outdoors in summer. First of all, it needs full on sunshine and plenty of heat, not warm but hot, to thrive and flower. I generally start mine end of May, early June (it will do nothing at all till it warms up) and do not expect flowers till we have consistant warm nights. Last year I waited (for flowers) till darn near August due to the cool summer. When I buy my starter plants in spring, they are usually bud and flower free (and you know that the nurseries would force them if they could, because that would sell the plant)...

So I guess I am saying that you can try and try as you may, but your failure may not be due to anything you are, or are not doing, I think it just might be the nature of the beast.

Hope this helps, Helen.

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Thanks, Helen, my ever-faithful respondent. I'll bring it outside for the summer and see what happens. They're awfully fussy things, but those powder blue flowersÂnothing like 'em. Gary

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Hey Gary...

I just returned from Barbados and there was plumbago growing EVERYWHERE!!! Low hedges of wonderful powdery blue flowers underplanted beneath staggeringly large tree shrubs of bougainvillea. So I guess all you really need is 87 degree days, 76 degree nights and you too can have heaven on earth.



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