Does Fireglow have a green cousin?

lpinkmountain(5b/6a border PA)June 9, 2007

I am so happy with the Fireglow maple you folks steered me to a year and a half ago, got it from Herters mail order. It is the joy of my life, and is managing to thrive in my southern exposure yard with hot afternoon sun. Here's a picture from last summer, it is half again as big this year.

Now I find I might have room for one more. It can't really get above 10 feet. I like the palmate leaves. It has to be able to tolerate my yard with some windy times, hot afternoon sun, southern exposure. I'd prefer green leaves. I wish so much I could grow the "Butterfly" cultivar, but I've seen them fried at the nursery and I'm afraid that's what would happen to them in my yard.

Anyone have any othr jms that are doing OK in afternoon sun? Not too big.

I highly recommend Fireglow.

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There are many green cultivars that can tolerate sun OK (depending on where you are). Actually the greens usually do better than the reds. Finding one that will top off at 10 ft might be a bit more difficult, but there are still over a hundred or so though.

If you want something to stay that small, you need a pretty small dwarf like 'mikawa yatsubusa'. It however, grows very very slowly and would take about 20 years to get that size I would imagine.

However, if you want something to aproximately match the growth rate, leaf shape, and habit of 'fireglow', 'osakazuki' or something like that might be better. It could get to 20 ft or so though.

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wwangatwork(7a, VA)

Orange Dream may work out nicely. I would think that most in your zone can tolerate the hot afternoon sun just fine. All of mine that are in ground do fine in full (12 hours) sun in zone 7 in VA. Unless you're really high in altitude, they should be just fine after the first year.


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lpinkmountain(5b/6a border PA)

Yes I thought the greens would be more sun tolerant than the reds, but it seems like most JMs with green leaves have a varigated leaf, which of course is the beauty and fascination with these trees but for me, somewhat of a drawback. That's why I'm so happy with my Fireglow in sun, it does not get that olivey ick color that the Bloodgoods get. Plus I like its more upright form in my tiny yard.

As to the size of Fireglow, when I got it I read that it tops out at 15 feet, which is good, but now I'm hearing 20 and above. The reason I'm so height conscious is these trees will be growing right under the power line that runs from the alley to my row house. The line starts at about 8 ft over the garage, and tops out at about 17 next to the house. The Fireglow is further along than this other spot, so it could get to about 15, but after that I am going to have to prune it, (if I live that long and stay in this house, which is less likely).

Osakazuki and the two others, one starts with "h" and the other with "s," (don't have my notes with me), were my top contenders at this point, but I'm worried about their height. Can they be pruned, or does that destroy their shape? I could try and prune around the wires if that day ever comes I guess.

I can just try something and see how it goes, but at 60 bucks a pop minumum, I don't want to throw money away. That's why I was looking for some feedback on others experiences.

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lpinkmountain(5b/6a border PA)

Forget what I posted about "s." The three I'm considering are Osakazuki, Ichigyogi, and Hogyoku. But when I go to Whitman Farms Web site, I see others that sound enticing too.

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The 'fireglow' could indeed get that 20 ft, but it would take over 20 years I would say (unless you have great growing conditions).

Those three greens you mentioned are great trees that would mirror the 'fireglow' quite well, but they might grow a little faster and bigger. There are quite a few nice trees that stay smaller. I would add 'kihachijo' to that list as well, it probably would stay a bit smaller too.

Maybe look at to get some good pictures and info. There trees are probably smaller than what you want, but they have a huge selection and lots of info.

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I don't know if fireglow has a cousin, but Eagle Claw, or "Kamagata" is a nice dwarf JM. The leaves often have a slight boarder of pink/red on the edges.I believe those to do well in full sun. I like it, because it's full and gets about waste high and has a night V shaped habit about it.

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