Mini-Maples growing out of my mulch???

gillart99June 15, 2010

Hello! I'm not much of a gardener. I planted a Autumn Blaze maple a few years back and it is doing great, but there are what look to be additional maple trees (?) growing out of the mulch directly under the tree. Am I supposed to pull these out?

I took a picture but there is nowhere to attach it here, correct?

Help. Thanks!

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musicalperson is a site where you can post a photo without even having to register or set up any albums or any of that.

It sounds like one of two things are happening.
It could be that a maple seed (or something that looks like a maple- box elder, poison ivy etc) has gotten into this area and germinated.

Or it could be that your tree is sprouting from a root.

Either way, yes you should remove it.

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Where I am, volunteer maples sprout up EVERYWHERE. They are nearly as bad as Tree of Heaven. Pull those darned things!

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

I'd transplant them and see what they do in the Fall. Maybe even keep them a few years before making a decision. There isn't much work or space involved.
I grow a lot of seedling Japanese maples and a lot of them are worth keeping, but almost worthless if I were to sell them. People buy named varieties so they know what the're getting. I make a decision whether to keep my seedlings or not in the Fall so I know what I'm saving. I'm more concerned what a tree looks like than the name. The price is right.

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