care/pruning of grass-like shrubs

mixtimMarch 3, 2008

Hi. I'm moving this spring to a new home that has several large, tall grass-like shrubs -- the kind you see in beachy, sandy areas. The owners did not cut them back over Winter probably because they do have Winter interest even when grass is dead.

Do you cut these back to ground, or do you just leave them and the new growth comes in?

I have never had grasses and have no idea what to do with them.

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Larry Kahn(7b)

If these are indeed warm season ornamental grasses like miscanthus, then about now, or within the next few weeks, is a good time to cut them back to within a few inches of the ground. I usually wait until I see a bit of green showing and then whack them.


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I'd cut them now. If you wait any longer you'll be cutting off new growth with the old.

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