Here's what I got from the seed swap

cheri_mn_524(zone4 -MN)February 1, 2006


1. 4 Oclock-pink

2. Actaer-acemosa-Black cohosh

3. Ageratum Blue

4. Ageratum Blue mink

5. Agostemma gracilis-Milas Queen

6. Allium-Astopurpueum or firmament 2ft tall 2inch globe

7. Allium-Hairl24 in tall

8. Ameranthus Intence purple

9. Amerathus-Love lies Bleeding

  1. Anemone-Sylvestis

  2. Angelica- Gigus

  3. Annis Hysop Lagastach foeniculum 2ft part sun

  4. Anomone ?

  5. Antennaria neglecta-Pussytoes

  6. Antherium tequila sunrise Black Prince

  7. Antilerium-Tequila Sunrise & black prairie

  8. Aruncus Dioicus.Goats Beard 3-6fy whote

  9. Asclipia-Pink Milkweed

  10. Asclipios ?

  11. Asclipios-white

  12. Aster Purple Dome

  13. Aster-nivi-begii Patricia Ballard Hot Pink

  14. Aster-Sea star

  15. Astranthia

  16. Babtismia-White

  17. Babtsmia-Blue

  18. Bachelor Buttons-Pink/blue

  19. Black and White

  20. Black eyed Susan

  21. Blue berry

  22. Bracteathia-sundanceflame-annual?

  23. Candy Lily-Mostly Orange

  24. Catananche blue cupids dart

  25. Celosia-flamingo Feather

  26. Chrysanthumum Clara Cyrtis

  27. Cimicifuga The pearl

  28. Cinquefoil Potentilla Simplex Yellow 1.5 ft

  29. Cleome-PinkSweet annie

  30. Columbine Purple

  31. Columbine-Native Red/yellow

  32. Columbine-pink/white/lavender

  33. Coneflower-Green

  34. Coreopsis-Rosea

  35. Coreopsis-Tickseed

  36. Coreopsis-Zegrab

  37. Coriopsis-Prairei

  38. Corn-Japonica Striped Maize

  39. Cosmo /Bright lights

  40. Cosmoa-Daydream 4ft

  41. Cosmos Purple-I thought I left a lot of shaft

  42. Cosmos-Seashells

  43. Crimson Clover-Annual

  44. Dahlberg Daisy

  45. Daisy-Oxeyed

  46. Datura Dbl purple-Black current Swirl

  47. Datura- moon vine -Dbl Cream

  48. Datura moon vive White

  49. Datura_dbl yellow

  50. Delphinium- Blue Butterfly

  51. Delphinium Blue Magic

  52. Dianthus-Pygmy blue

  53. Dianthus-Rainbow Lovliness-Dark Pink

  54. Dianthus-Siberian blue

  55. Digitalis-Foxglove Excelsior Hybrid

  56. Eleusine Caracona-Green cat

  57. Enchecia-Medow Bright Oarang

  58. Enchencia-Ace of Spades

  59. Enchencia-Purptl

  60. Enchencia-Ruby Star 30-36- inches carmine Red

  61. Euonomus Bungeanis-Pink Lady

  62. Euonymus-Hamiltonianus-Var Sieboldianus

  63. Eupcotorrum Rugsum Chadale

  64. Euphorbia maginat5a-Snow On the mOuntain

  65. Foxglove mix

  66. Foxglove-Bearded toung pensomen-3 ft pt shade

  67. Foxglove-pink

  68. Gailardia Burgundy

  69. Gallardia Aristatia

  70. Gallardia blanket flower

  71. Gallardia-Torchlight

  72. Gallardis-Tokajer

  73. Gaura Âsiskiyoupink

  74. Gentian-Stiff ÂQuinquefilia 2 ft sun-part sun

  75. Grass Elvine-Cats Paw

  76. Grass-eleusine corana Green Cat

  77. Grass-giant Chinese silver-miscanthus floridulis- 8 ft

  78. Grass-Milicca ciliate

  79. Grass-sweet vernal- 1.5 ft

  80. Gypsphilia Repens-Rosea

  81. Hadspen Blood

  82. Heleniun-Automnale mix

  83. Heliathus-Mixed

  84. Heliopsis

  85. Heliopsis-Summer Ballet

  86. Hibiscus- Frisbees

  87. Hibiscus Light pink

  88. Hibiscus-Hardy

  89. Hibiscus-Lt Pink -Hardy

  90. Hibiscus-real orientat dwarf red

  91. Hollyhoch-Black

  92. Hosta ?

  93. Hosta fried greeen tomatoes

  94. Hosta hi ho silver

  95. Hosta paradise joy

  96. Hummingbird-mixChrysanthamun-Autom red

  97. Impatients-Hymalayen

  98. Iris-Setose ssp Canadensis

  99. Jacob Ladder ÂwhiteAsclepios Tuberosa-Best gold

  100. Jasmine-Carolina

  101. Joe Pye Weed

  102. Klorean Hyssop

  103. Leibnitzia anandria

  104. Liatris.WhiteScabiosa ÂBlack And White

  105. Liatris-Blazing Star

  106. Liatris-Tall purple

  107. Lupine Pink

  108. Lupine-wild

  109. Mallow ÂroseÂmix

  110. Mallow-Purple/lavender

  111. Maltese Cross-red

  112. Malva-Bibo-feitho

  113. Malve ÂZebrena

  114. Marigold ÂPitite Yellow

  115. Marigold-CrackerJack

  116. Marigold-Double Oarange

  117. Marigold-French Vanilla

  118. Marigold-Orange/yellow mix

  119. Marigold-pinwheel

  120. Marigold-short Varagated

  121. Marigold-Tall Yellow

  122. Marigold-Varigated

  123. Marigolds-Large/Orange /yellow mix

  124. Money Plant

  125. Morning Glory-Cameo Elegance-pink w/variegated leaves

  126. Morning Glory-Heavenly Blue

  127. Nastusium

  128. Negillia-Hispanica/Love in the mist

  129. Nigelia-Miss Jekyll

  130. Northern Sea Oats

  131. Oleander Mixfull sun

  132. Pasque Flower Pulsatilla

  133. Path Rush

  134. Pensomen-grandflorus

  135. Penstomen Rock Mountain

  136. Penstomen-Husker Red

  137. Perrila

  138. Pincushon-Ligtht purple

  139. Platycoden-Balloon flower-Blue and White mix

  140. Platycoden-Fuji pink

  141. Poppies Salmon

  142. Poppy- Pom-Pom

  143. Poppy-pink 2.5ft

  144. Poppy-Red

  145. Prarie Smoke-Geum Trifloum

  146. Ratibida Pinnata 4-5 ft tall,yellow narrow full sun

  147. Rdbeckis gloriosa daiey

  148. Red Crimson

  149. Rosa glauca Tall and arching need lots of room

  150. Rose of Sharon-Dbl Pink

  151. Rose of Sharon-Diana

  152. Rudbeckia dark eyedprairy sun

  153. Rudbeckia-borpeii

  154. Rudbeckis Irish Eyes

  155. Rudbekia Humilis-wild petunia

  156. Safflower-3-4 ft

  157. Salvia-Coral Nymph

  158. Salvias-May Night

  159. Scabiosa Blue Butterflies

  160. Scabiosa

  161. Sea Holly

  162. Squash-Acorn orange

  163. St. Johns Wort

  164. Stocks-pink/lavender Annual Part sun 18 inches

  165. Straw flower-bracteantha-wallaby ice-sun 10 inches

  166. Sunflower Mix

  167. Sunflower-moulin rouge

  168. Sunflower-Velvet Queen

  169. Sweet Sultan

  170. Tanacatum Partaemium Dbl flowering fezer few

  171. Thalactrum Flafum

  172. Thalactrum Lavener mist

  173. Thimblweed

  174. Thumbergi Black eyed susan vine

  175. Trollis Golden Queen

  176. Trumpet Vine-Yellow

  177. Verbina Boneisis. Annual sun

  178. Veronica spike speedwell

  179. Veronica-sp

  180. Veronicastrum sibericum-lav culvers root

  181. Watermelon-Tahono yellow

  182. Wild Lettuce-lactaca serriola/yellow 3 ft

  183. Wisteria

  184. Yarrow Achillia.Yellow

  185. Yellow Buttons-wilsflowers

  186. Zinnia-Envy-30 inches

  187. Zinnia-pom-pom

  188. Zinnia-Whirlygig

woops, just found more....

just found more.......

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leftwood(z4a MN)

I'm glad you got a lot, and seriously, I hope it is enough since you were so gracious to open your home again.

But looks like we all need a lessen in handwriting, including me!
I'll correct my additions:

Euonymus bungeana ex 'Pink Lady'
Euonymus hamiltonianus var. sieboldianus
Iris setosa ssp. canadensis
Melica ciliata
Ratibida pinnata

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abgardeneer(Z3, Calgary)

Hi, cheri, that's a great haul you made there!

You know, when I first read your list, I thought, wow, it will be very hard to search on some of those plant names/spellings. Most are close enough, that you'll probably be able to find the plant, but some will be quite puzzling, and the search may not bring up a proper match.
So pardon my compulsiveness, but in the hope that it helps for your research and plant records, here are what may be some slightly more useful interpretations of the plant names:

2. Actaea racemosa
6. Allium atropurpureum

  1. Angelica gigas
  2. Anise-hyssop, Agastache foeniculum
  3. Anemone
    18, 19, 20. Asclepias
  4. Aster novi-belgii
    25, 26. Baptisia?
    66, 68, 69. Echinacea
  5. Scabiosa 'Ace of Spades'
  6. Eupatorium rugosum 'Chocolate'
  7. Nasturtium
    137, 138. Nigella
    143, 145. Penstemon
  8. Tanacetum parthenium
  9. Thalictrum flavum
  10. Thalictrum 'Lavender Mist'
  11. Verbena bonariensis

Hope that helps! Lots of great plants there!

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

What a haul, Cheri! Now, where ya gonna put them all?? well.. that's my problem with my own 'haul' anyway :-) So many seeds... so little garden space! And didn't we have a great selection of seeds at the swap? I bet we had more variety then many stores that sell seeds. I'd put us up against Home Depot or Walmart any day!

For temp storage (pre-planting), I splurged today, and bought two file boxes to stash my seeds in. My old system (a cake pan and a small box) was running out of room :-) I came home with a couple of 'Tote 'n Go' containers from Staples and large index cards so I could separate the seeds alphabetically and easily find whatever I'm looking for. Even got all the new ones sorted tonight. Now... gotta pull out last years left overs and get them sorted and I'll be all organized!

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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

I must admit- I came home with more than I had planned to.....
But less than what I came with!
I still have many hours of home-work looking up information and germination requirements...
I thought I was doing well with the two portable file containers I bought to store seeds in this year- one for swapping and one for sowing- but It is a bit of a mess still- shuffeling through all the "d's" for the right digitalis or datura or what ever- and I keep seeing a picture from a post where the gardener had purchased one of those plastic roll-away multi drawer systems. A drawer for sowing, with homemade dividers, all alpha filed- the bit larger drawer for swapping- and the big bottom drawer for seed cleaning, packaging, labeling tools, bubble mailers, postage and germinating info....... All in a single unit that can be easily tucked away when not in use- and organized and tidy when in use!
Oh to be so organized!!
I swear- every time I pull out the seeds- it is like an explosion throughout the whole area and then some!
I do wonder what others do with the seed storage/swapping systems......
I have found a good software sysem for computer filing for seeds and things garden related and what have you- It is called NoteBook from Circus Ponies- It does work well for me- and maybe you too!

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zenpotter(z4 MN)

Wow Cheri what fun. I to brought home more than I planned to but less than I brought. Now to organize. I can't figure out just how I am going to do that, but I am tired of sorting through trying to find what I want. Julie I checked on that software and am going to download the free trial to try it out.

I went to Costco and have my soil, the containers have their holes and now to get markers made and then plant the seeds.


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selkie_b(z4 MN)

whoa Cheri! Watch those Baptisias! The purple gets 2.5-3ft all directions and the white will go 4! *giggle*


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"Bracteantha, Sundaze Flame" is an annual. see website -

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cheri_mn_524(zone4 -MN)

Thanks for all the corrections, Not offended at all
I am not always the most particular and organized but I am practicing..
I have a couple of totes just the right size, made a-z cards for the seed I only have a few of then the ones I have alot of they have there one spot in that section, We'll see what happens once I start sowing...

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