Water spikes

cleocrafta(z4 MN)February 18, 2006

With all the garden catalogs arriving in this cold spell, I'm busy dreaming and listing my garden goals for this year. I plan on setting up more rain barrels and would like to try the deep-root watering system using the water spikes on milk jugs & 2-liter plastic pop bottles. There are ready made spikes available that simply screw onto the bottle(they are way too pricey for this frugal gardener!!) I was wondering if anyone has come up with a "homemade" version of a spike? I'm planning a trip to HD plumbing dept to see if small diameter pvc pipe with end caps and something from the garden dept might be adaptable?? I'd appreciate any suggestions and/or sources of ready made spikes to compair prices if I can't come up with a "cheap" alternative. Keep warm and dream of sunshine & green, Cleo

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

Hi Cleo! I hadn't seen the spikes you mentioned. Have you seen them online, and (if you have) could you post the URL? Just curious :-)

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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

I have buried milk jugs with a few small holes drilled into them next to tomatoes in the past- and I suppose- you could just add a capped and drilled copper or pvc pipe caulked/duct taped to the bottom to the depth you would like...
For me, it wasn't worth the effort of getting the nozzel right into the bottle opening at each plant... as I recollect-
I use the "moat" method and aim across the garden! Much more imperfect and lazy!

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