Where to buy locally?

leemn(z4 MN)February 13, 2006

Anybody have a favorite place in the metro area to buy vegetable seeds? Looking for some basics and canÂt seem to find them at the places I go. And I would rather not pay for shipping from 4 different catalogs to get what I want.

Also looking for someplace that would sell lingonberries or a selection of more than one blueberry.

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selection varies quite a bit at valueseeds.com and the selection is mostly flowers, but the price cannot be beat

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For seeds, try Dege's Garden Center on Century Avenue in St. Paul. They package all their own seeds and they are a bit cheaper than the catalogs. You need to go over early in the season (March 1st) because all the Hmong market gardeners clean them out pretty quickly. They have a lot of different vegetables, but not many varieties of each. Gerten's carries three different varieties of blueberries, but they won't put out their plants until about April 30th.

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some nice day hope in your car and drive to faribault mn. farmer seed and nursery is located there, over 100 years old. they must be doing something right! if you want something besides seeds, wait until the first part of april and check out the bare root items they get in. i have bought many there and have never had a problem. so if your looking for seed our shurbs-trees, check it out. away from home our i would send you there phone number. call information. they do catalog orders also so make sure you are talking to the right area when you call. get back if you need more info.

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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

So- (Or is that sow) whacha lookin for?
Maybe I have too much of what you want in my stash and I could send some to you? If you posted what you are looking for in the exchange area of our forum here- maybe you could just swap for it?????
There used to be a seed savers exchange/Hennepin county store in Golden Valley that had tons o seeds- heirloom too!! I don't know where they moved to- or if they just closed up shop. I bet someone here may know.......

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Hennepin County still has a store in Maple Plain, just off of the highway..

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I still like Linder's. They've got a couple different kinds of blueberries, they've got golden raspberries (my fave!) and they've got a nice staff.

I don't know anything about seeds though. I kill seeds. It's very sad.

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Check the food co-ops for seeds. Seward has a nice selection of seeds from Seed Savers Exchange and another company. North Country Co-op usually has seeds of some vegetables available for purchase by the seed for small gardens, as well as packaged seeds.

I haven't heard of a local greenhouse selling lingonberries. I got some from Pine Tree Seeds last year. Raintree has a good selection of lingonberries. Locally, Hermes had two varieties of blueberries last year.

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