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pankhi(z7Md)March 4, 2006

Does anyone any suggestions for landscapers in the Washington DC area who are really good at making a bird/wildlife garden. Many companies claim they can do this- add a water feature, use curved lines, plant the usual suspects for attracting birds - a list you can get just about anywhere, etc. But it takes a visionary to make the garden look like it is a piece or extension of nature in your own yard. I am looking for someone who can transform my yard into a natural place that is a haven for birds. Thank you.

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lrobins(z5 CO)

I suggest that you try landscapers listed as members of the Maryland Native Plant Society (MNPS). Most gardeners and landscapers who specialize in native plants are also interested in creating gardens that benefit songbirds, beneficial insects, and other wildlife. I see that MNPS has gained many landscaper members recently; I recall looking at this same list a few years ago, when there were hardly any "organizational" members in the landscaping category.

(I gave this same answer to a more general question about landscape designers a few threads down. It must be the time of year that is making us think about starting new gardens!)

Here is link:

Here is a link that might be useful: Landscapers, growers and suppliers listed with MNPS

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Thank you for the information. I have, thanks to you, made appointments with 2 landscape designers for the link you provided.

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gardengranma(6a/6b MD)

I would get a couple of books from the library and make a list of trees, bushes, and plants that would be of interest. Then I would talk to a designer. Be sure to include a large enough water feature, and some brambles/evergreens for shelter. Mostly you need berries, berries, berries. And then feed the birds. Also, I'd look at for Backyard Wildife Habitat, that tells you everything you need. I did that years ago and got certified, which was sort of cute. It made me much aware of what I was doing.

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creatrix(z7 VA)

Think layers- tall structural trees- oak, hickory, pine, then small trees/large shrubs- serviceberry, White Fringetree, viburnum (need 2 relatives for good berry set), add Bayberry, Inkberry Holly or a small magnolia for evergreen cover. Then look towards smaller shrubs and flowers. Don't forget a patch or two of native grasses (switchgrass is one with garden cultivars) for seeds, winter shelter and nesting material. And moss- birds love moss for their nests, and some lightening bugs lay eggs in moss.

Be sure to put feeders and baths away from low shrubs and other dense plants so the birds can see cats attacking.

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Nature By Design.

They deal exclusively in native plants and have been great to me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nature by design

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gardengranma, creatrix, and crestpark,
Thank you all for your replies. I already have many of the plants suggested above and have looked at books, but just can't wrap my mind around how to landscape my yard so it looks like a piece of nature and not a hodgepodge of plants. Layering is also a visual barrier for me with respect to what will look good and survive (though I understand it in theory). I contacted Nature by Design and they are going to do a landscape plan for me.

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