time to plant veggies

kaffeina(MD/7)March 6, 2008

someone on a listserv posted this and i found it to be very informative so i thought i would share

Vegetable gardeners, if you haven't done so already, it is time to






Fava Beans





Mustard and Chinese Greens








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I thought the right time for those things was St Patrick's Day? Oh well, I guess that's close enough!

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manure_queen(md 7)

My list from Meyers seed in Baltimore says that spinach, peas and cabbage okay from MArch 15, Radishes mar 20 most every thing else on your list should wait until april 1
carrots april 15

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annebert(6b/7a MD)

I think Meyers is living in the last century, oops I mean the one before that. With all of the development where most of us live, the microclimates where we garden are getting warmer. I also used to plant peas on St. Patrick's day, but someone recently posted here that February 22 was the appropriate day for this area. I planted mine on Feb 27.

I already planted radishes, kale, chard, lettuce, carrots, and beets in my cold frame and they're up. But even planting outdoors, I think you should always push the boundaries and start early. What have you got to lose?

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keep in mind there is like a 2 week difference if you live say in dc vs living more north and not in the city like outside of baltimore

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Will wait til later this week. Temps in the 20's still projected.

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avoirgold(z7 MD)

Are you talking about seeds or transplants?


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This is a very timely posting for me -- as I was heading to the garden to plant a few seeds. My handy - "Successful Gardening in the Greater Washington Area: All New Edition for the 1990s" (written by the Men's Garden Club of Montgomery County). Suggests Peas be planted between Feb 20th and march 20th, but almost everything else on the list as April 1st. The planting dates in the book are for "lower Montgomery County."

I'm following kaffenia and pushing the limit and sowing beets, carrots and lettuce directly into the soil (no cold frame) today. I have a small garden so i can alwyas have a do over in Apil if things don't take.

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annebert(6b/7a MD)

for Jen: We are talking seeds. They will just sit there and do nothing if it's too cold, sprouts of most of these plants are very cold-hardy, live dangerously!

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Thanks all - I needed that kick! Was just reading my favorite organic gardening books and getting ready to make a coldframe... Will now just go out and plant more seeds directly without waiting(stalling) any more. ;-)

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I saw in Washington Gardener's Enews for March similar list and info - but more extensive for early season veggies - I'm going to try a few new ones this year - you all inspired me,
- Amy

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scausey(z6/7 MD)

I planted lettuce and snow peas two weeks ago and I'm just starting to see some lettuce sprouts, but no peas. I'm so impatient that I dug up a couple of peas and found that they have sprouted, but I guess they are waiting for a little warm-up to emerge. susan

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I am just starting to figure this out myself and have resorted to measureing soil temp and tweaking the maryland cooperative extension guide to fit my backyard. There are pretty big differences in this area.

On the boarder between bethesda and potomac I am at least two weeks earlier then what the cooperative extension says. Which makes sence since bethesda is about two weeks ahead in weather vs. Ellicott city.

Good soil temp guide:

I did fava beans, peas, and leaf lettece march 1 etc. all doing good.

The other issue I have faced is how fast it warms up. I did radishs, beets etc. april 15 before and it just got too warm for a good crop. I have found that here I really need to be on the early side. I also tried spinach in the fall - I had to get to about sept 10 till the soil was cool enough to get the seed to germinate (cooperative extension says last date sept 5).

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Iris Hendry

Hi everyone ! I am in southern maryland ,approx an hour south of DC... for the first time in years I have a HUGE sunny garden spot and I'm loving it !! I have the early stuff - lettuce, spinach, turnips and radishes sprouting ! The sugar peas haven't sprouted yet ... I just thinned the radishes yesterday, hope to be eating some of them soon ! I am rushing a few things and have spent the last 2 afternoons planting a few seedlings I started indoors... cucumbers, squash ... my next project is peppers and tomatoes ... when will you plant yours ?

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