cosmo1(z4 MN)February 21, 2007

There are so many beautiful varities of cosmos, does anyone in the Twin City area know where I can find some of the less common varieties? There's Candy stripe, psycho, etc. but all I can find around here are the sonata and the other taller ones, plus the chocolate ones. No, I don't want to do the seed starting, as I'm not too experienced and don't have the lights, etc. If anyone knows of a place that has some of these, give me a whistle! Basically all I have been able to find are the seeds. Also, I am looking for agastache purple pygmy. Anyone seen any of this? Thanks!

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If you do a search at "Dave's Garden" you can find just about any plant and a list of vendors that sells it. Many of the cosmos are easy to direct seed in the garden and do not need to be started early. You might also want to try "winter sowing" - check out the winter sowing forum. I think I will try the winter sow method this year even though it feels like spring (today, anyway).


Here is a link that might be useful: Dave's Garden

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selkie_b(z4 MN)

If you come to the GW Spring Plant Swap (don't know quite when and where yet but it'll be posted soon I'm sure) I will likely have both the pinks and white of Cosmo "Psyche" and possibly some "Daydream" Mind you, they run about 3-5 ft tall... What I miss are the little 18" orange and yellow ones my grandma and dad used to plant :)


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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

I have 'Bright Lights' for you both- if you want them- but they are seeds- not plants mind you....

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selkie_b(z4 MN)

I actually found that I'd grabbed some from the Seed Swap Julie! :)


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cosmo1(z4 MN)

Selkie: Thanks for the info. I am so new to gardening, I'm not even sure what the GW plant swap is, but I'd love to go. I don't know if your would be interested, but Gerten's carries a orange, really prolific cosmo called Diablo, and it is really sweet. I always get as many as I have room for. There is cosmic orange too, not not nearly as lovely. Is that Garden Web plant swap?

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I really suggest you take a chance and trying sowing them yourself. They come up fast and are very hardy and forgiving. You have a lot more choices when you grow your own and the cost of seed for these is pretty inexpensive.

I don't generally do much in regards to starting from seed myself except for cosmos, zinna's, sunflowers, marigolds and morning glories-all of these incredibly easy to grow from seed (cosmos and morning glory will reseed themselves, which may or may not be an issue for you).

All of these you can direct sow, so you don't have to mess around with lights and peat pots, etc.

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joyfulsnowflake(Zone 4)

I am also a cosmos fan. I got several varieties from Gerden's. They are:

Candy Stripe
Sea Shells
Sonata Dwarf

I also have some seeds from a friend of the dwarf orange and yellow ones Marie mentioned. I am going to start them indoors and if I am successful I will have seeds for exchange next time. Picotee is the one they say will revert to regular colors.

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Start the hard to find varieties from seed- either direct sow outside or inside not more than THREE weeks before they can go outside (start inside at the end or April). They're quick growers inside (germinate in 3-5 days in warm conditions) and grow sturdy sprouts very quickly! I too start Cosmos and marigolds from seed inside because there are so many more varieties to choose from and they're so easy.

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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

I am curious- I always start cosmos from seed- I never knew you could buy them in pots!! When you buy plants- what size pots are they in? 6 packs? 3" pots? Gallon pots? How tall are the plants? 6"? taller?
I thought they didn't like to be transplanted- Do they stay stunted or do they grow to their fullest potential?


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cheri_mn_524(zone4 -MN)

Hi Julie, Usually when you buy seedlings of cosmos they come in 6 and 9 packs as they do grow so fast.. When I worked at the green house that is what we did..

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