prunings as cuttings / what are you pruning now?

vladpupMarch 14, 2005


- This is a good time for thinning some kinds of plants. When pruning, you may want to try rooting the larger pieces your are cutting off. No harm in trying!

- For plants that want to bloom soon, when trying to root prunings, you might want to pinch out the flower buds, so the plant can concentrate on growing new roots.

- Or, just bring those branchs in, put them in vases and enjoy the forced flowers! i think sprays of fruit tree blossoms look great with daffydills. (But in sepatate vases next to each other, not together; daffodil sap can keep other plant cuttings from taking up water.)

- i'm pruing fruit trees this week. Those of you with more experience, what are you pruning / rooting / forcing now?

- Happy gardening,


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slubberdegulion(z7 VA)

Just great! Make me worry even more... :) I already pruned my green gage plum a month ago. Was that too early?

I didn't know that about daffodil sap! How interesting, thanks.

I keep eyeballing my Leptodermus oblonga (surely this bush-ette has a common name somewhere?), but I think I'll wait a bit and possibly divide it or at least wait until it begins to leaf out before I take cuttings.

I did prune a couple of small sweetshrubs (Calycanthus) and stuck the twigs in water just to see if they might root. I've not yet had luck rooting my anise tree/shrub, but will try again this spring.

I lack good forcing material, except a witch hazel (which smells good to me, but gets negative reviews from the better half).

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Leptodermis oblonga should top out at two feet and grows in neat mound, so this should be low maintenance. It does throw out suckers,(a lot) so you should be able to strip those off for new shrubs.

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slubberdegulion(z7 VA)

Woo-hoo! Thanks, Cynthia! It's about that tall (well...maybe), but the "neat mound" effect is what I'm impatiently waiting for. I was hoping to selectively prune it just a bit to help it along. I'm surprised it's doing so well, thought maybe it was really finicky since I hardly ever see it anywhere. I plunked into the exact wrong spot a few years back and it's been doing great! Maybe that was the trick. :) I think a more reasonable name should be thought up for it, sounds like a skin condition to me.

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reginak(z7 Maryland)

I've got a lilac that desperately needs pruning. Don't know anything about it, since I didn't move here till August, but it's right near the screened back porch so I look forward to the scent.

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