chillyinmn(3)February 22, 2006

Any one here planting garlic this SPRING? If so when are you putting it in?

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chilly..., I planted mine last fall cuz I read that it gets bigger with a fall planting. If you want to give it a try, I'd wait only until you think you're past a hard freeze. Good luck, it's fun to grow your own. I'm going to try to harvest the scapes before they get too large this year. I hear they make great pesto.

"Time of planting is critical since both optimum shoot and bulb development require a cold treatment. Garlic in Minnesota should be planted in the fall - usually within one to two weeks after the first killing frost (32 degrees Fahrenheit). In northern Minnesota, planting during the third to fourth week of September is recommended, while in southern Minnesota planting around the first or second week of October is recommended. Ideally, roots should be developing and shoots should be emerging from the clove but not above the soil at the time of the first hard freeze (28 degrees Fahrenheit). Garlic shoots will emerge from the ground in late March or early April. Unless given a proper cold treatment prior to planting, garlic planted in the spring will often produce weak shoots and poorly developed bulbs. Lack of scape development in hardneck garlic and bulbing in all garlic is usually due to an inadequate cold treatment. (more...)"

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leftwood(z4a MN)

Hmmm. Scapes and pesto: for the benefit of others, be sure you pick them young. They get woody quite quickly. Even pureéd wood, I don't think, would be too appetizing.

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Exactly. I got to them too late last year. I did taste them before going through elaborate preparations, though. My loss was the compost pile's gain! lol

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