Coco Liner in Cedar Planter

itsjulieJuly 15, 2008

Ok, I planted my Fireglow in a cedar planter. I used Monrovia potting soil, recommended by a nursery that has rows and rows of gorgeous japanase maple trees. I lined the bottom of the planter with coco liner to keep the dirt from escaping through the drainage holes.

Do you think I messed this up? I'm concerned about the drainage. I'm going to buy a soil meter to keep tabs on the moisture level of my JM's (Shaina, Waterfall & Fireglow). Also, any recommendations for soil meters?

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I am thinking coco liner wasn't the best choice. Keep a close eye on drainage. If you can puncture a few holes in the bottom somehow without damaging the roots much I would do so.

For future reference you might try what I do which I learned from Al. I buy the semi- fine mesh screen that is used for window screening, etc. It comes in rolls at home depot for about 6 bucks. Allows good drainage but keeps the soil in.


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Well I can't poke holes in the bottom, but I'm definitely getting drainage. It's slow drainage though because it's still wet underneath 12 hours after its first watering. I got a moisture meter for $5.00 and I love that thing! If this tree doesn't make it, definitely I'm doing screen instead of coco liner.

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