Need advice on Threadleaf JM varieties

shelli563(zone 6 MA)July 26, 2008

I am landscaping an area in my front yard about 8x8 feet. My front yard is elevated from the sidewalk and retained by a 3' tall fieldstone wall. The area gets about 5 hours of morning/afternoon sun. I want to plant a JM as a focal point, and I was thinking of a 'Garnet' or 'Crimson Queen'. Looking at the spot from the street, the area calls for a tree that is about 5ft tall and wide.

Unfortunately, the trees in that size are out of my price range, so I found ones that were about 3-4' tall, but somewhat sparse in branches. How much growth can I expect in the threadleaf varieties? Is it possible to plant the tree in a large containter above ground for a few years until it gets larger? I live in zone 5/6, we get a good amount of snow and cold!!

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Shelli, If your tree is already 3 or 4' tall it will get larger, faster planted in the ground and mulched in. A small little one gallon may be a different story!
Also if you get a "good amount of snow and cold" it would do better planted out unless you plan on moving your potted tree to a safe location to ride out the winter.
Early fall is a great time to plant out trees.
Good luck

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I live in a zone 10 (Florida).I know I can Grow a red japanese maple here! BUT! How can I make sure my maple goes into DORMANT mode!lol. Here it begins to get hot around November and it doesnt last to long! If anyone can give me a hand with this question it will be appreciet it!Im new with maples so I need as much help as possible! thanks!

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