Burnt Leaf Tips?

silicon_dtJuly 27, 2012

I have a Red drummond maple tree been planted about 8 months. I planted it when it had no leaves. It sprouted really nice when spring came around. The leaves looked really nice and green. Well summer came and I got the burnt leaf tips now. I live in south Texas so it's HOT. The nursery said it was from over watering. I was using a tree gator daily almost. Does this look like over watering? Or disease or heat??

The tree is pretty much in the middle of the yard so gets direct sun all day.

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'Over-watering' far less likely to be the case than is insufficient watering. Leaf tip necrosis is pretty much SOP for drought stress/leaf scorch. How much water does the tree gator dispense?

It would also help to see a photo of the entire tree.

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