Cultivar Seedlings Some of Mine

conifersJuly 26, 2007

These are from an 'Orido nishiki':

The next three are from a 'Seiryu' (3 different seedlings):


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Wow, Dax cool seedlings! I have some seed from A.s. 'Aureum' and A.p. 'Beni Otake' for sure and probably others, I'll take a closer look if you're interested. Dan

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Thanks, I am!


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Grancru(z5 MI)

Very nice Dax...
I can't seem to get any of mine to germinate. How are you doing yours? Had mine in the fridge all winter, pulled out and placed in moist towel in a fully shaded baggie and a little heat. Nothing after a month +.


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I think they were in the fridge for four months. moist sand - not wet.

I sowed the sand like spreading peanut butter on bread in a deep flat holding 50/50 perlite/peat and lightly covered the sand with media and turned on my heat pads and flourescent lights.

(I followed the directions from Shumakers Seed Website for chilling/storing requirements and sowing).


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flowerfan2(z8/ WA)

Those are beautiful seedlings. I have been growing JM from seed for several years and have been having a lot of fun with it. I have a lot of beautiful trees in all shapes and colors. Here are a few of mine. Karen

a seedling of a coral bark maple

2 aureum seedlings and 3 others

and a Seiryu seedling that is 7 years old

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Flowerfan2, impressive looking seedlings! Makes me want to try growing a few myself. Thanks for posting the beautiful photos. Dan

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I stumbled upon this forum and I'm so glad I did. Last fall I decided I would harvest some seed of my maples and try to plant some. I have had great germination and quite a few seedlings, but most of mine are not fresh and healthy looking like yours, Dax. Mine look scruffy to say the least. Some have dropped all leaves and have a healthy bud on a 2-3" stick, some have leaves that look burned even though they are growing in shady locations, a few look fine. I'm thinking it's my soil. I planted them in a bark/compost/peat(coir, rather) mix that I use for my other potted maples. I noticed that you planted yours in a equal parts mix of peat and perlite, which maybe I should have done, too. I'm wondering if the sticks with buds will sprout next year, or eventually die? I'm wondering if some seedlings are just more vigorous and I should just focus on the ones that are looking healthy? I really wanted to try again this fall, but with that awful week-long freeze we had there are not many of my maples that even have seed.
Karen, looks like you've been growing maple seedlings for a long time they are beautiful.

Anyway, if anyone could give me tips for care of seedlings it would be appreciated.

Gran, I followed the instructions on the UBC maple site and each week, after 90-120 days in the fridge, I would pull out baggies and inspect them and find germinated seedlings. Did you collect your own seed, or purchase it? I have heard some say that fresh seed is not always what you get when you order it.

It's great seeing people in zone 5 experimenting with Japanese maples!

Here is a link that might be useful: maple society web site

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"have heard some say that fresh seed is not always what you get when you order it"

At least on the left coast of the USA, commercial growers swear by their "specfic tree" selected seed....tree seed from seed collection companys are ALWAYS a back up. It boggles the brain to see an operation with 3-4 seed sources and the "variability" of germination,growth and shut down of those different types.

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Kay, that single bud will either push again this year or will harden off for next year's push.

I use various commercial mixes now such as 'Stay Green', 'Lowe's Premium Potting Mix', etc. I keep them continually moist, and all that you see are up against the north side of my home. They will stay in the shade for a minimum of two years. Eventually finding partial shade/shade cloth structure.

Zone 5 is always risky, but I've decided that I'll only plant when the root systems have reached a 5-gallon pot. And they will be planted that year only when spring frosts are over with.

Wish I could have seen the other Maple photos!


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flowerfan2(z8/ WA)

Opps, sorry, I rearranged some photo's in photo bucket and messed up the photo's. Here they are again Dax.
2 Omuyama seedlings, red pygmy seedling, 2 dissectum seedlings

A coral bark seedling

Two A. shir. aureums, one A. pal. aureum, a dissectum, and a seedling of full moon maple

A large Seiryu seedling

Hope that's better. Karen

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Karen, outstanding!

Thank you,


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