where to buy sand?

laschlee(7a MD)March 26, 2006


Can anybody tell me where I can buy sand to add to soil? I live in Montgomery County, MD. I have seen the sand I want called, variously, sharp, silica, or mason's sand. All I could find at Home Depot was playground sand, and when I asked a staffer at a plant store if they carried sand to add to clay soil, she just gave me a strange, bewildered look. I have a site that gets a brutally large amount of sun and is mostly sheltered from rain, but all the drought-tolerant plants I want to put in there (herbs, etc.) need good drainage. I know I'm probably going to need to add a lot of sand, but it's a very small patch of ground.


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blueheron(z6 PA)

It's a myth that adding sand to soil will make it looser. More likely, it will make it hard as a rock.

I googled "adding sand to soil" and got some good sites with information that you need. Here is one:

www.humgardens.com/contents/soils/fixsoil.htm -

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oogy4plants(6B MD)

If you decide you really want sand, then what you want can be found at LuckStone in Clarksville or probably at a builders supply or other stone yard closer to you. It is sold by the ton (or half-ton maybe) which is not as much as it sounds like, depending on how large an area you are trying to amend.

Clay soil in one of my gardens had a miraculous tranformation after I added about 10 bags of LeafGro to it. It was so loose and fluffy, I could put my whole hand into it very easily. I only did it once a few years ago. I would recommend that instead of adding sand in this area. Probably much more effective than adding sand.

Good luck!

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I have the opposite problem, I need playsand. But alot of it for a sand pit i am building for the kids.

Most places that sell mulch by the truckload will also have masonry sand. You can also check building supply companies.


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lvmygrdn(z7 MD)

I second the LeafGro. LeafGro has wonderful benefits, it not only loosens the soil but adds nutrients. Good stuff. You can get it by the truckload as well. It's basically composted leaves.

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laschlee(7a MD)

I decided to stuff some leafgro in there instead and see what happens. Nutrients are only of limited use to me since I want to grow herbs in that particular sunny spot, but I can personally vouch for the fluffy/loosening quality of LeafGro now since I accidentally stepped in the amended spot and sank in past my ankles. Whoops!

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Where do you buy Leafgro?

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