Slight setback...

hosta_freak(z6 NC)July 19, 2014

A couple days ago,I went out into the garden and found my newly acquired hosta Heatwave,flattened,with all petioles broken,probably by some critter,as there were no tree branches on top of,or near the plant! This is just one more aggravation to this years garden. I know it wil be back,as it was established aready,but it just makes me angry! Hope your gardens are all doing OK,but mine has been a disappointment this year. Phil

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So sorry to hear that. I know how disappointing it is, after all the hard work you put into it. My friend is having a similar year in her garden. Keep thinking ahead to next year while you continue to take good care of them. Even though they might not be looking their best this year, they will appreciate your care and give you a good show next year.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Dang that critter! So sorry, Phil...insult to injury. This too shall pass....says I as my resident bunny grows fatter in my garden. The other day I was out with my power tool, some boards and screws, minimizing access points to my yard (at the bottom of the fence), all the while realizing it can burrow from the bottom on the other side if it wants to! But at least I had some fun pretending I knew what I was doing, lol. ;-)

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That sucks, Phil.


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sherrygirl zone5

Got a neighborhood cat that flattens plants in my yard occasionally. I guess my dogs arent outside often enough to keep him out of the yard. My dogs stay out of my plants so that is a good thing! It is frustrating!


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zkathy(7a NC)

So sorry, Phil. All the pics you've posted this year have been beautiful. Keep enjoying what you've got.

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Is the wind considered a critter?..its the worst offender since i moved. Just keeps the petioles short on everything

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newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

That's terrible Phil! You sure didn't need that!

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Phil, I hope this bad spell passes quickly for you.
just doesn't seem fair....

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Well, my little Holy Mouse that was uprooted by squirrels lived through the first episode, but the second time it was dug up proved fatal to the plant. I have to surround every single plant I own, from each individual marigold to perennial salvia to hostas to geraniums, etc. with egg-sized or larger river rocks to prevent squirrels from digging them up. They still make considerable holes in between the plants that I have to constantly repair.

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Thanks,all! This isn't the first time it happened. Once,a squirrel fell on my Halcyon,while jumping from tree to tree,and it was flattened,but not so much as this time. I straightened up the petioles,and it never missed a lick,and next year it was fine. Phil

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stoc zone 6 sweden

Sorry this happened Phil,always next year.

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Really weird,but I found another plant that was laid down yesterday,and old Hyacinthina,but the petioles were just laid down,not broken. I think it's that cat I see all the time,(not my cat). She chases after everything,and I think she's the reason there are no more chipmunks in the neighborhood. This is the first time I've ever had two flattened hostas in one year. Oh,well someday it will get better! Phil

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bernd ny zone5

Phil, Sorry about your flattened plants.
I also have a mystery with one or more critters stripping off rose leaves and eating fresh BugGeta slug pellets the day after I placed them around newly planted hostas. You have to keep on fighting them. Last night I saw a long brown animal rush between hostas, could not be a squirrel, a rat?. Bernd

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Thistle and Maize(Zone 5a- Eastern IA)

This has happened in my backyard due to my dogs thinking hostas and my rhubarb plants are nice cool places to lay down!
I know it doesn't kill the plants, but it's aggravating and makes me sad to lose a season of enjoyment. (or some rhubarb in the other case)
I learned for some special plants to turn a tomato cage upside down, cut off the feet that stick out the end and lay the wide circle around the hosta before it gets too big in the spring. Then I bend the cut-off feet into U shapes and use those as stakes to keep the cage in place. Keeps the dogs off those plants.
Also, I've use cut off dowel rods and even sticks from around the yard and placed those around some hostas, under the leaves. Don't worry, they're not sharp and the leaves hide them, but it makes for a less than comfortable place for the dogs to lay down.

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