Good fragrant climbing / vine for zone 6/7

newbieshelley(Washington D.C.)March 24, 2013

I want to add something climbing to a fence that borders a SW facing, but shady patch of my garden. There are some kind of evergreen (but leafy) shrubs there now, but I wanted to add something floral and/or fragrant. The fenceline / shrubs face SW but are below a bunch of trees. In the winter, they get just about full sun; when the leaves come in, the fanceline /shrubs get half sun.
I like honeysuckle, trumpet vine and wisteria - are there any disadvantages to any of these? I have read that honeysuckle may emit something that may impede growth of nearby plants?
What have you mid-atlantic gardeners grown and love?

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Trumpet vine and Oriental wisterias will destroy your neighborhood. Both are aggressive vines that send new vines popping up 20 ft. away. They don't respect fences, lot lines or you.

American Wisteria (Wisteria macrostachya) is better behaved, but it climbs fast to 25ft, and it sends out long vines along the ground that need to be pruned. Because the vines are above ground, this makes them easy to cut, as opposed to the Oriental ones that send these same shoots below ground.

There are wonderful native Honeysuckles, but they tend not to be fragrant. The flowers are nice and big.

I don't know if you are a candidate for Akebia, they don't seem to make a solid screen, and in wild places they can be considered invasive. Native to the Far East.

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If you want something fragrant and beautiful in your yard in the evening, try a moonflower. it's an annual in this area but has big white flowers and smells great, You can collect seeds and grow new ones for the next year.

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