Osakazuki- leaf size varying in B&B'd and boxed trees?

arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)July 9, 2009

Last wk. i bought one of these from a very knowledgable nursery owner near me- who carries a wide variety of jap. maples and buys his material mostly from Larry Stanley and Buchholtz and Buchholts, both in Ore. Strange experience lately; curious about your thoughts:

We looked at three Osakazuki specimens, all from the same grower. All about 7'H, 1- 1.5" caliper. The B&B'd tree had consistently large 4" leaves, red timged One of the other two(boxed) had consistently small leaves; the other had mostly small leaves, some larger on the bottom branches. The nursery owner and I talked about the leaf size variation and he related that he does see that difference sometimes on unplanted jap maples. Has that been your experience as well? Wanting to avoid disappointment, we chose the tree with consistently large leaves .Also, have any of you seen this cultivar grown in partial shade but still having its famous brilliant red in fall?

Thanks much,


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I'd assume it to be due to as simple an explanation as root development - boxed/containered maples just do not have the ability for similar root development and expansion as do those that are field grown and therefore would be expected to have dwarfed/slowed growth, both in size of plant as well as foliage. Once planted in the ground and established, the boxed maples should assume a more typical growth pattern.

And yes, 'Osakazuki' can be expected to develop a very good fall color in part shade.

And so one does not offend anyone's sensibilities, if you do not write out 'Japanese', please just use the initial 'J' as opposed to any other abbreviation for that term.

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

Great suggestion on 'j maples'. I have long been aware of the pc problems of my abbreviation but my former attempts at 'conceptual blockbusting' - towards a replacement abbrev.-went unrewarded. sigh. now thou hast saved me, so th you.

Very exciting to hear about the part shade flexibility.
Btw, this june/july has been my first simulation experience of gardening in england or the pnw and I LOVE it!!! so lush, so cool. and the plants have never been happier; it is a true jungle here and it is such a delight to have the many new arboretum additions not skip a beat after transplant.

The Cotton-Arbo retum

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Hi Mindy,

There are several forms of this plant. Any healthy 'Osakazuki' is a gem. As far as leaf sizes it seems that the tree described by Vertrees had very large leaves. Mature plants of true 'Osakazuki', whether potted or in the ground, will exhibit this characteristic.

There is a good thread at UBC that discusses 'Osakazuki' and it has many good photos.

Here is a link that might be useful: 'Osakazuki'

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