Newto maples please advise!

ahathawayJuly 26, 2014


I've recently purchased two Japanese maples, a coral bark and I'm not sure on the species of the second. I am located in SC and the plants receive full sun until around 12pm and then shade for the rest of the day. For watering I have been checking the soil and only water when the top inch feels dry. Both are planted in containers on a balcony.

I've attached a photo of one of the trees trunks. Both are changing colors on the bark from red / green to grey and brown. The leaves are also drying up and falling off daily. It isn't contained to a single branch or anything and I've not seen any bugs.

If you could please advise on what could be causing these changes or if I should not be overly concerned. They are such beautiful trees, I would hate to loose them!

Thank you, your help is very appreciated!!

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I'm less concerned about changes in bark color than I am about leaves drying up and falling off daily. I would be concerned about watering - the leaf drop does sound like a water management issue. It could be not enough as well as too much. A lot depends on the size of the container compared to the size of the rootball, the quality of the potting medium and the weather........only you can decide if you are watering too much or not enough. JM's prefer their soil to remain evenly moist - not too wet and not too dry.

Bark color does tend to fade in summer. For example, the bark on a Coral Bark will be almost unnoticeable in its coloring in midseason (except for the very tips) compared to what it looks like in winter. And older wood - like the trunk - will eventually turn a brownish gray and will never become red again. The newest growth will always have the most intense bark color and that will be most noticeable in cold weather. That's just the way this tree rolls :-))

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