Japanese Maple Move

GerriJuly 26, 2014

We are building an addition to our home and have a JM that has to be moved, but the place we want it to be wont be ready until fall. Can we dig it up, put burlap around the root ball, and heel it in a safe place? The tree is 17 years old and was moved once about 13 yeas ago and is doing great. Any advice or ideas are GREATLY appreciated! It is about 4 1/2 feet tall.

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Does that mean you want to dig and move NOW and just heel in until fall? Would strongly advise against it. Moving an established JM is best left until the tree is fully dormant (midwinter). Moving it now runs an extremely high risk of transplant shock unless you can manage a huge rootball (minimal root disturbance). And even then, no guarantees.

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