MAGTAG 2009 - it's March - let's set a date

cecilia_md7a(7a/Baltimore,MD)March 1, 2009

So which Saturday in August do we want to hold MAGTAG 2009? The 22nd has been suggested - which sounds good to me. Any other dates? It's such a crapshoot - we scheduled MAGTAG 2008 earlier so that more tomatoes would be ripe, and the growing season was slooooow.

I'm ready to call Baltimore County and reserve our usual pavilion, if nobody has any objection. I have plenty of time to make phone calls these days!

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Let me ramble on here a little regarding some more health issues.

I mentioned in another thread that my Dad will be 87 on August 23, and he plans to make this year's event again.

There's been a wrench in the works, though - "Poppy" (as the grandkids call him) underwent a triple bypass yesterday. He called 911 from home last week and was just starting to have a heart attack when the paramedics arrived. The old man really dodged a bullet this time. He's resting at Johns Hopkins right now, and his surgeon says his recovery at this point is like that of a man in his 60s. Must be all the tomatoes!

The thing that galls me most is that I'm not allowed to visit him, since I'm supposed to stay away from hospitals, public transportation, schools, and other germ factories while I'm undergoing chemo - it makes me more susceptible to infection.

Hopefully by August both of us will be in decent shape. I know I will be; and Dad wouldn't miss MAGTAG for the world.

So now, since you've all been so kind with your prayers, good vibes, spells, wishes, and other positive thoughts for me (which appear to be working quite well, thank you - I feel great for the most part), could you please add Ol' Edwin to your list? He's been getting a lot of Catholic (lapsed and otherwise), Lutheran, Methodist, Quaker, and Disciples of Christ prayers from my extended family - any other flavor will certainly be welcome. I want to cover all my bases here and bombard the Higher Power with so much that s/he can't ignore it.

I'm thinking - my hair should be grown back, but very short by August. Rather than wearing a wig or scarf, I might just temporarily dye it red and yellow so I look like a striped tomato!

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gflynn(z7 MD)

Cecelia and all,

I just talked to the DW and she says ok for August 22nd so I am in for that date. This date was mentioned on the other website and I have no conflicts with it. The following week I will be camping for 2 weekends so I can't do it later but I could do it sooner if we had to.


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Dear Cecilia,

Great to hear you're feelin so well n strong. I'm very soory to learn about your Dad but will certainly add him to my prayers. Love the striped hair idea. I'm sure you'll look delish!
Sadly that proposed MAGTAG weekend my "baby" brother turns thirty and I think we'll be havin a big bash... I was just hoping to come to MAGTAG n taste n learn, so will try to glean more ideas at the spring swap and maybe even plant a few more varieties.

God bless,

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Let's go with August 22nd! With all this snow, I can't wait for the hot summer days of August.
I enjoyed last year's MAGTAG, and seeing all the different varieties of heirlooms.
I'm going to grow Cherokee Purple & Black Cherry this season.


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August 22 sounds good to me. (I just hope that the tomatoes agree.)

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oogy4plants(6B MD)


Just thinking about MAGTAG makes me drool! I will come whenever it is because a festival in August is so good and I love hot August weather. All my best wishes to you and your wonderful father for swift recoveries. I look forward to seeing you again. I was just planting some tomato seeds this year. I thought I had some sungold seeds, but I must have been dreaming. If anyone has any to share, I'd really appreciate receiving some. I have lots of seeds to trade (herbs, veggies, tomatoes, flowers, etc.) or I can send a padded envelope with postage. Thanks!


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Hello, everybody - based on responses from both this and T0mat0ville.c0m, August 22 seems to be a good choice. So as soon as I've got the pavilion reserved, I will make the official announcement.

I apologize for being incommunicado for a while. I think either I caught a bug or the chemo is finally catching up with me, but I've been home sick all week - mostly just feeling too rundown to drive 25 miles to work each way. Secondly, our home computer had a virus and DH Dave just wiped the hard drive and reinstalled software, so this is the first day that I've had internet access.

Anyway I left a message with Baltimore County today to reserve our usual pavilion (unless somebody else has beat us to it, which I doubt.) That's one thing I can do while I'm laid up!

P.S. all my my Mid-Atlantic market varieties have been started: Greater Baltimore, Chesapeake, Sunray, Scarab, and Del Mar. In addition, I planted a bunch of other varieties for family and friends, which I hope they will bring along to the fest.

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