Friends school plant sale.

zenpotter(z4 MN)March 31, 2010

The catalog has been on line since last week and the printed ones must be coming soon. If you want to see it on line here is the link.If you don't know about it check it out. It is a great way to get good plants at a good price.

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zenpotter(z4 MN)

My catalog came yesterday and I spent two hours with it. I can't wait until the sale.

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Local GW'ers should have something to identify themselves with........tshirt or badge? what you think?

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zenpotter(z4 MN)

That would be fun, although I will be shopping at the pre-sale for volunteers so unless there are others out there that are doing the same I wouldn't run into any of you.

Why don't you come up with an identifier?

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I will also be there for the pre-sale, I am working on Saturday. Received my book yesterday, could not put it down.

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zenpotter(z4 MN)

What time will you be getting there? I plan on being there when they open. Of course we will want to shop first, but could arrange to say hello after we shop.

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Got any advice for a first-timer? We bought a house last month so I finally have a yard to plant in. I think I'll have most of my vegetables and herbs going by the 8th, but I plan on picking up a lot of native perennials.

I won't be able to go on Friday - how badly does everything get picked over by Saturday? How far in advance of the wristband handouts should I arrive? I don't mind crowds so much as I'm worried about being left with a poor selection after driving all the way over there.

Thank you!

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zenpotter(z4 MN)

Before I started to volunteer I would get there about a half hour early. It probably wouldn't hurt to get there an hour before. It is nice that you can get the wrist band and then go look at the vendors that are outside of the building and just keep an eye on the lines to see when it is going to be your turn. It is very organized.

When you look at the catalog you will see little trucks by some of the plants. That means that they will be restocked on Saturday. The more rare plants and bulbs go fast.You should also check online before you go to see what did not come in. There are always crop failures. Plus they do have some last minute changes.

Since your priority is the natives go there first. The plants are organized in the same order as the catalog so write up your list by the numbers like N103, N105 etc. N being for native. I bring my own cart since they only have so many carts. Then I can take it back to the car with me. Have a list with second choices when something you want is gone.

The prices are great and you can still spend an amazing about of money so unless you have unlimited funds figure out how much you want/can spend beforehand since you will see lots of plants you can't live without that aren't on your list.

Do have your gardens ready to plant so you don't have to let what you buy sit around in the pots to very long.

Consider the plant exchange that I am hosting there are always extra plants having a new house without plants to share all you need to bring is food. I for one will have a lot more to give away then I will choose. My beds are bursting with plants.

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Last year was my first year at this sale. I had gone through the catalog beforehand and identified several plants that I wanted. However, I did not write them down, and did not have a specific plan. So, needless to say, once I got there I wanted everything. There is such a great variety, and several unusual plants. I was grabbing plants off the shelf left and right. I ended up with 55 plants, but only spent $133.00. It was only when I got home that I realized that many of the plants that I had just purchased were zone 5 . . ughh. However, much to my amazement most of these plants have already started to emerge from the ground this spring. I am very pleased. I did have some losses, partly thanks to the fact that I did not get the plants in the ground until approx. a month after I got them. My cimicifuga and monkshood died last year (I believe).

I will be going back this year with a better plan in place . . as to where any new plants may possibly go in my gardens . . . ??? . . maybe I will just need to add a new perennial garden to my yard . . .

- Adam

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