Easter bonnets! Why don't women wear them?

tobr24u(z6 RI)March 29, 2013

Such a lovely tradition that is missed by many. They have put their bras back on, why not their hats?

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

You know, I have a very distinct memory of being so proud of my Easter bonnet that I wore to Easter church services when I was (I think) in the 8th grade. And then the subject never came up again in the following years and I do not remember thinking about it one way or another nor do I remember missing an old custom. It wasnt' even that it was old-fashioned or anything like that. The following year it was just irrelevant. I have no idea why.


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Is this what you'd like to have return?

My family was like this one...but we didn't stay with hats as long as they did and there were fewer of us.

Why don't men still give corsages at Easter?

Here is a link that might be useful: Easter parade

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

Great link! Brings fond thoughts of the good of times past...

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Check out the Velois Diner on Chicago's south side on Easter Sunday. My son used to get there early, before church let out, grab a table, have slow breakfast and wait.....he said the hats there were the best !

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Valois is a great breakfast place! And people watching is better!

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Same reason we didn't put gloves back on. They look great, but the extra time and energy isn't worth it. I may wear one this Sunday. Here, we only put that kind of clothing energy into our Iroquois Steeplechase or for weddings sometimes. Steeplechase is the big benefit for our Children's Hosptial and it is a horse race (not like Kentucky Derby's-Thunder over Louisville, I wish! Ours is a one day event, not filled with fireworks).

Hats are hard to find nowadays anyhow!

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I just don't wear hats, unless weather conditions call for one. I have a great winter hat that keeps me warm, a summer hat to keep sun off me, and plenty of bandannas to keep sweat off my face.

I would not wish to go back in time... back to any time in history... especially one where babies were pumped out annually in Catholic fashion, as shown in the photos.

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

Well, Hoppy Easter anyhow...

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If you don't believe in the Easter myth, why wear a hat.

Women were/are forced to cover their heads in religious buildings because hair was seen as a sexual stimulant for men. It's gotten so bad in some religions that women can't wear just a hat, they are covered from head to toe, and essentially disappear, because, apparently, men can't be trusted to control themselves.

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

Hats are sexier, and Hoppy Easter to you, too...

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How twisted is that, Mom? That their lack of self control is somehow OUR fault!

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Those photos of the family were really interesting. Its like they finally discovered the secret to having boys after 5 girls and they wanted to prove to themselves over and over that it worked.

Hats became passe once it became common to wash and style one's hair daily.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Rob beat me to it. The Bonnet is not dead. When my mother passed I had so many hats to give away it was sinful the amount of hats she had. It was nothing for her to pay a couple hundred dollars for a hat. Hats are a big business. Those hat selling ladies make big money at church conventions.

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Those who don't see Easter Bonnets are probably the same people who do not attend church :)

Marquest when I would attend my late DH's church the "hat ladies" put on quite a style show, and not just on Easter.

I have a pic of my sisters and I at Easter (1949) but am having problems trying to edit and post ... ah well. Like the Brennans (thanks for the pics JMC) are Easter outfits were all handsewn.

I also do not long for the "good old days" Jodi :)

How come men no longer wear suits and ties to baseball games?

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In our Easter Bonnets (1949)

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Used to be a religious requirement, still is in some religious sects. I haven't seen a woman in a fancy hat in a long, long time--

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You don't think women wear hats to church ?? Like I said I see them. Check out the latest styles at the link.

Obviously someone is "styling" :)

Here is a link that might be useful: In my Easter Bonnet

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That's another thing that turns me off to church and religion... the fashion show and one-ups-man-ship that goes on... who can wear the most outrageous hat, the most expensive fur or jewelry ensemble, etc...

Yeah... where DID men's suits and ties go? Or hats that aren't ball caps?

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LOL Jodi you should check out the "gear" at my church, in cold weather the majority of parishioners are in "jeans, boots and sweaters", in warm weather it is shorts and sandals.

Needless to say, aint no "stylin" goin on :)

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Our churches sound simliar. There are some who dress nicely, but it's still slacks and a tucked in shirt or a nice casual dress. Never tacky or torn. Clean and casual. However, there are likely to be a load of people dressed up this Sunday. Me included. Mom dresses to the nines every Sunday. Love that link! Inspires me to wear a fascinator. Hm.


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Ohiomom, you should have seen the fashion shows every Sunday at the Catholic church my parents attended! It bordered on the ridiculous!

Even as a kid, my thought was... "all that wealth flaunted could really do some good where it's actually needed"... and... "I doubt Jesus cares what people wear, as long as they gather in his name and behave as he taught."

And so began my fall from the church and its "ideals". :-)

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I belong to a very progressive/liberal church, which is night and day from the fundamentalist church I grew up in.

The "hat ladies" I see are attending a nearby Baptist Church, and they dress to the nines every Sunday, and the men are in suits.

If I wear a sundress in the summer I am overdressed in my church.

This Sunday will be no different, except I might iron my jeans :)

Jodi we cross-posted, I grew up in that church and I totally agree.

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"I might iron my jeans "

You counter-revolutionary lil outfit, you!

I always thought that men's hats went out with the widespread ownership of cars, after the forties, when the headroom wasn't high enough, & women's hats went out when women started ironing their hair.

One problem with hats is their obstruction of other people's vision.
ever get behind someone in church or a movie or at a parade (very big at the time in my small hometown) & spend the entire time craning your neck & peeking from one side to the other?

You hat aficionados can take heart though:
On Easter Sunday, or almost any Sunday, drive around & look at the traffic around any large church with a primarily African-American membership (at least in my little corner of the world, may be different for some of you in other areas).

There are still some *fabulous* hat ladies out there!

edited to add:

Different groups do different things.

Years ago I went to the British Virgin Islands & got a good week of no heels & no nylons (yes, it was indeed a very long time ago!).

The people in offices & businesses wore walking shorts & camp shirts & sandals, & the people who ran the tours & boats & who waited on you at cafes wore baggy shorts & tee shirts & flip-flops.

Then my group took a little side trip to Martinique.
We could have been in Paris.
Everybody *dressed* to the nines;
the men wore suits & the women wore fashionable dresses with matching accessories.

The cab drivers were dressed better than we were.

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They still have the Easter parade and Easter bonnet festival on Fifth Avenue in NYC each year. It is fun to go and people watch. Some are traditional and some are just creative and fun.

If we go to a family friends home for Easter as we do some years the ladies in the Baptist Church down the road still wear their Easter hats proudly. When we go we make a point to go early enough so we can sit on their porch to watch them go to and from church and smile.

OM, your pic made me give an audible Ooooooh. So cute!!!

Happy Easter everyone.

Here is a link that might be useful: Some pics from last years Easter parade

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"Jodi we cross-posted, I grew up in that church and I totally agree."

For all intents and purposes, it's more of a financial institution... not a religion.

I just took it all several steps further, Ohiomom, realizing that I didn't need that idea of a deity to live my life as it needed to be lived, so to speak... though, to each his or her own. We each have to follow our conscience and our heart.

I think it was all the hypocrisy and contradiction, not to mention the hate and division, that finally did me in. I didn't think it would be so difficult to shed that ingrained feeling of guilt, but it was. What a racket, eh? Pulled in as infants, never given a choice... until one grows up and makes one's own choices... if one thinks beyond all of it.

I do like certain hats for the sake of fashion, but more for their usefulness... sun hats, cowboy hats, and such... I used to have a nice black felt fedora style hat that I wore with my leathers.

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Thanks Epi, I am in the center and looks like I was checking out my shoes and noticing that "the sisters" had stylish patent leather and what is that on my feet? Ah well at least I got a corsage :)

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Easter bonnet? Of course!
Alas this year I am out of town and will be
Having brunch with my daughter so no hat.

Wearing hats and gloves and looking your best
At church is a sign of respect

That is not to say that dressing more casually is a bad
Thing but I believe in preserving civility and tradition

I have hats and caps of all kinds!

Happy Easter

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We used to get all dolled up for Easter and wore hats every Sunday too. But on Easter my father bought us each a corsage to pin on. I always got a new outfit and we posed for pictures. I don't know how to post these.

At the beginning of the 60's when I was still a teen I have pictures of me with the flowery hat, pixie hair cut ,sheath dress, nylons, and heels. The end of that decade , I had hair down the middle of my back, a mini skirt ,and NO hat or corsage for Easter. Times they were a-changing.

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My mom taught Home Ec and I remember her helping us (4 daughters) in the late 50's/early 60's making our easter bonnets. Adding little appliques and sewing on ribbons and it was for fun. Yes, we wore them to church and all the other little girls add theirs on as well. I think my mom was actually trying to make her daughters in her likeness when in fact she had 4 tomboys who weren't the least bit interested (and still aren't) in sewing or crafts.

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Jesus wore simple garments and sandles on his feet, seems like he and I are in agreement about fashion :)

I know I have an old tie dye top in the back of the wardrobe, with bright springlike colors and some well worn sandles.

Easter outfit complete....

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I'm with you, Ohiomom... comfort first!

I despise being being trussed up like a Christmas goose, with my feet mangled in heels... as Steve Martin once said, "the cruel shoes!"

Give me well worn jeans or yoga pants... what a fantastic invention! Give me a soft, simple shirt... and either sandals or comfort worn cowboy boots... and I'm ready for life!

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And here's my humble contribution to the seasonal exchange.

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What a special link, JM! Thank you and Happy Easter to all.

Ohio...Such sweet little ones!

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Awww... Love The Brennan's and ohiomom and her sisters. I went to look for pics I had of my sister and I but lost in the flood.

I love Easter! Had a wonderful brunch at Martins Tavern in Georgetown. Bloody Mary's for the adults and Shirley Temples for the kids.

This year my kids are sporting Easter Fedoras and will be rolling eggs on the south lawn of The White House tomorrow ;)

Happy Easter! Rejoice!

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Woke at 4 A.M and attended the sunrise service ... the church provided breakfast for us "early birds" afterwards, came home and cooked dinner and then took a nap :)

Maggie I am so sorry for the loss of pics, that is one reason I uploaded as many family photos as I could to online photo sites.

Happy Easter!

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I do like all those pics of kids from long ago, and I dressed my own daughters in pretty dresses and hats, but I don't miss that at all.
But I also don't think sweat pants are a substitute and would never wear sweats anyplace but the gym or to bed. Jeans are fine for casual wear but not in my professional life--though many of my colleagues wear them to work. I do like to wear nice clothes even if not a "bonnet." I wear flat shoes even when "dressed up" and am glad that shoe designers recognize that style does not belong exclusively to high heels.
Bottom line is that fancy hats had their day and I don't regret their passing for most people.

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Thx OM...that is early bird but sounds nice. I love flats too, Pidge.

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Im all about ( reasonably) stylish comfort on an every day basis when remaining at home or to do a simple grocery run but to me that means simple slacks and a blouse or decent jeans and good very plain T shirt, with some very basic, very light color on my face, my gold Irish wedding band, plain small everyday gold ear huggers and sometimes a very simple chain or necklace , my watch- and only socks indoors that match the slacks/jeans, I dont like to wear shoes, even in the winter, unless Im leaving the house, unless someone stops by . When those basic stay at home clothes start showing too much wear they become 'cutting the grass/ garden work or 'dirty indoor job' clothes.

If Im going out to more than a grocery run everything is a bit more and a bit better but still casually on an 'up' basis.

But I also love to dress to the 9s and do so at every given opportunity. At the least, dress "up", since an opportunity to go all out doesn't present itself more than a couple of times a year. But if I have a yen to dress upwardly I will plan a small, more formal dinner party or an evening to a nicer restaurant, usually with another couple because its fun.

Im not much of a sweats kinda female, never have been, its just not 'me', I don't feel comfortable that way.

My mother made the most wonderful hats for herself and for us girls when we were little - she also had these wonderful clear glove boxes that stored her gloves and our little white gloves too, I still have one of her glove boxes with a couple pairs of her pretty dressy gloves and a white pair that were mine as a small child, kept for sentimental reasons.
I don't really recall when she stopped making and wearing hats, but certainly during the Kennedy years she made and wore them - probably not too much longer after that though as it seems they fell out of favor by 1965 at the latest? I don't think I was wearing the Easter bonnets much past the fourth grade, if even that long, they had lost popularity by then, it seems.

I loved my straw Easter bonnets and little wicker purses, she always dolled of them up with ribbons, lace and tiny silk flowers - with the Easter dresses she made us along with the Sunday/ party dresses - back when kids had birthday parties and wore pretty dresses to them and played games and all gathered at a big table that had birthday themed paper tablecloths and party decorations/ paper plates and cups, lots of fun and all took place only at the person's home. Not a box of pizza to be found anywhere, grilled hot dogs or fancy sandwich squares if there was to be a lunch, but it was usually all about the pretty cake decorated by the mothers, with ice cream served on a pretty paper plate.

I don't think parties are done that way at home anymore, more's the pity, I just loved them.

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Sweat pants and yoga pants are two different animals... with many yoga type pants resembling nice black slacks. I own two pair with different color waistbands, and I love the comfort... not to mention the fact that they look nice when paired with the right top and accessories.

I live rurally, and work on a farmette... with dogs and livestock and plant material. In my 'professional life', I wear "grubbies" and milkhouse boots. It wouldn't pay to ruin all my nice clothes while working.

One of the reasons I value comfort so much is that I am rarely physically comfortable... and any clothing that is too tight or binds anywhere just adds to the pain and discomfort.

I guess you could say that I like a cross between hippie, biker, and country comfortable. :-)

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I own many pairs of yoga pants and love them and they serve their purpose well but they would never be acceptable to wear as a substitute for nice pants or dress pants no matter what top or shoes one wears with them if there is a dress code. They are what they are, athletic wear.

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My son is in this photo... With a hat ;)

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I really like hats: Mad Bomber for downhill, French Foreign Legion for big time sun, golf hat, various gardening hats. Panama hat, mesh pith "helmet" hat, outback hat, Elmer Fudd hat (Filson), berets, rice paddy worker hat, scuba hat (well, more of a hood)...and one fancy winter hat (mohair with silk flowers).

I'd have fascinators if there was a place/occasion to wear them. Love to.

And yes, back in the day: Easter bonnets. I think Vatican II and women not having to cover their heads in church had a lot to do with the decline of women and hat-wearing.

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Maggie, he's adorable. He looks just like you!!

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Jodi, I get where you are coming from, I believe people often dress according to how they feel best while living their lives. If I made an income by growing and selling roses - a job that Im sure eats a great deal of your daylight time through a lot of the year - and I lived in the country far away from most people, I cant imagine that I would be interested in dressing the way I find is most comfortable living how and where I now live. What would be the point, really. When I worked, I maintained a nice working wardrobe but once I retired I quickly realized how very little I would ever wear the vast majority of it ever again, so gave it away, keeping just some accessories and a few nice, lightweight suits. Got rid of ALL the shoes as they were mainly lower heels for comfortable wearing all day - if Im wearing anything but kitten heels, the higher, the happier but that is because Im not wearing them very long and will be sitting a lot while I do. I believe most of us dress according to the circumstances of our lives. Especially with your disease, it would be silly for you to dress for any purpose but with great ease and comfort in mind - that's my take on it anyway! :)

What a marvelous and unique experience your little boy had Maggie - regardless of who it ever might be that is the President, for a child to have an Easter egg hunt on our White House lawn and then have the sitting President of the time sit with the children and talk with them in a casual, relaxed way is a chance of a lifetime experience. That it was this particular President makes the experience even more unique, a story his grandchildren will remember about their grandfather that set him apart from all the rest.
If I might make a suggestion based upon my own childhood?
Even though it really was so unique an experience, do speak of it often every year,. over the years with him recalling even the smallest of details surrounding the trip and the event and all the feelings surrounding the trip and event.

He appears to be still quite young in the picture - we lived in several places when I was that age and one of the ways I have been able to keep such sharp memories about specific events is that my mother made a scrapbooks for each of us using photos of events from places we were, with us in the pictures, and put them in our rooms - at night we would, with great frequency, look at the different photos and have " remember when?" conversations about the events going on in the photo, with each of us contributing our own perspective and perhaps tiny extra details of the memory.
The frequency of the conversations kept the memories so alive that often times I can even recall specific smells and how the air felt at the time. Because so often I was very young, at a time when memories often fade as new experiences are added to growing brains, I believe the frequent conversations kept those times in such very sharp relief of my recall, and extended the pleasure surrounding the memory because of the fun of actively and frequently reliving them long after the events had passed.

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Maggie, how wonderful your son got this day. He'll remember it forever. I'm glad the weather turned out good ,because I think it rained yesterday. Prez is looking good, and I could squeeze BO. What a dear dog.

I wear comfortable clothing all year. Turtlenecks , casual pants in the winter, tee shirts, shorts or capris in the summer. Always a baseball cap in the summer if the sun's out. In the winter a ski cap. Haven't had a dressy hat since I was a teen.

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Thx... My daughter is there too but you can't see her. Amaze day, we are very grateful.

Kids got the special edition Bo egg, it is wooden made in Maine. We are truly in shock still that we got to do this. I would live in Georgetown in a heartbeat if I could.

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Mylab, when I was much, much younger I didn't mind a bit dressing up. I'd wear dresses and skirts, fancy undergarments and hose, shoes with high heels, matching jewelry and handbags to the outfit... and I'd go through the process of applying makeup and curling my hair, or arranging some fancy up-do... I've had all sorts of jobs, some requiring dressy outfits, some not...

But as I aged, I realized that none of it was me. I was dressing to suit other people and ignoring my own comfort and tastes. And especially after the diagnosis and accident, I began to choose clothing that didn't limit the amount of time I could feel relatively comfortable. Wearing anything tight puts a huge strain on my back and hips, and isn't worth the effort or the discomfort.

It's more common to see me puttering around the gardens in loose cutoffs and tank tops, or sundresses and a sunhat. Garden gloves are a must!

The first thing I do when I get a new t-shirt is cut a slit in the front of the neckline to loosen it up, and small slits in the sleeves to loosen them up. Depending on how long the shirt is, I might take a few inches off the bottom to shorten it. Comfort, comfort, comfort!

As an aside, I've worn black yoga pants to fancy functions, and no one has even noticed...

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marquest(z5 PA)

Maggie what a great experience. As Mylab said keep that memory alive.

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Thank you :) My life teeters between despair and charmed with some general malaise thrown in ;)

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As an aside, I've worn black yoga pants to fancy functions, and no one has even noticed...


Maybe they have and just didn't say anything. ;)

Really--it doesn't matter.

As I said, we do the best we can do and make the choices we make. It's only important if it affects your life or the lives of others.

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I would expect the reason no one noticed or said anything is that they look exactly like black dress pants, right down to the creases. I dare anyone to tell the difference... unless one comes up behind me, reaches in, and reads the tag...

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"unless one comes up behind me, reaches in, and reads the tag..."

Don't cha hate it when that happens?

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The city in which I live was voted one of the worst-dressed cities because of our propensity for wearing yoga gear as every-day wear.

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Jodik, i would imagine it depends on where one lives but I assure you that you would not get away with wearing yoga pants to many offices - with or without creases. One doesn't have to look at labels to notice the fabric that yoga pants are made with in comparison to most dress pants.

I love my yoga pants but would not wear them to an office in lieu of dress pants and certainly wouldn't wear them ro an important meeting or an event where the dress code calls for business attire or something where athletic wear is inappropriate and I too have some high quality yoga pants that are very nice and look dressier than some jeans or other athletic wear.

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Long live lululemon ;)

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I used to like Lulumon Athletica and I am able to get them at a steep discount but the quality has diminshed considerably. Have you seen the new ones? See through --- peek a boo, they see yoo. There are better quality yoga pants out there.

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Those White House "Bo" Easter eggs - oh - such a treasure!

Thank you for putting up the pictures Maggie, I enjoyed them so *very* much!

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"Don't cha hate it when that happens?"

No one has successfully gotten away with it so far. ;-)

I don't know, Esh... maybe, too, it depends on how one looks while wearing such fabrics or garments. Or maybe it depends upon logistics. It might also depend upon medical implements necessary to walk, in order to get through a fast paced business day in the corporate world. Some people can pull off outfits that others wouldn't dare to wear...

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Gym clothes would not cut it in the majority of my daily life. I don't know a single working woman who would even for one minute consider wearing yoga pants, creased or not, to work. Not a chance. Not in any office. Nice jeans yes, gym clothes no way. No bonnets either.

I'm at a crowded airport going to work every couple of Mondays at 5:30-6am. I have yet to see a fellow traveling woman on her way to out of town work carrying a laptop while wearing exercise clothes. It's very obvious who is going to work and who is traveling for fun.

Very very cool for your family, maggie!

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In many offices it isn't a matter of choice, even those that allow a more relaxed dresscode. I am not talking about Google where anything goes or others where they allow a very relaxed dressed codes. The other end of the spectrum are "stuffy" law firms or financial institutions and offices that still require a suit and tie for men. There are many offices that allow a semi-relaxed dress code which include jeans (nice, not torn) and pants that are nice but not dressy but they draw the line at athletic wear, shorts, and other attire which they deem unacceptable. It is ususally outlined in the employee handbook and people are either reprimanded and in some cases are sent home.

There are some offices that may accept a pair of nicer yoga pants paired with a nice top and shoes but that would not cut it if they want you to dress in business attire and one can certainly tell the differene between them and a pair of dress pants, even inexpensive ones. There is a difference in the fabric and styling and their labels have nothing to do with it.

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I agree with Epi's post above re office attire. Jodi was talking about nice yoga pants at a "fancy function". Depends on what one means when one says "fancy function". Jodi may be talking about a Christmas dinner with family & friends, not gala night at the opera.

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Epi--article in WSJ recently about quality problems with some LLL products

To return those too shear styles store managers were requesting customers
Bend over to demonstrate they were too sheer. PR nightmare I haven't heard update.

Daughters gave me LLL jacket I love it.
Have the older version of yoga pants

I see people in yoga pants either at the gym or women like me pumping gas or running in the grocery store in workout wear but have never known anyone to substitute yoga pants or exercise wear for street clothes much less formalwear

Marquest if it is you that goes to galas to help raise money for scholarships if you need formalwear in sizes 6, 8 or 10 I would send to you Some is what I wore in my mid to late forties still stylish not over the top. I attended at least 3 black ties a year back then. Nothing too tight because of my back

Let me know if you are interested I would be happy if you could use an item or two

Modem out for three days went to install new one today new neighbor's irrigation people cut my phone line so I'm not online on this iPhone much
But will check back.

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What one wears in a work environment is largely dictated by the "culture" of the company.

I was a bit of a stickler for "proper" business attire for my staff, especially those who were customer facing. On the other hand I was the first to dress down in jeans, sweats ,,,etc when we were working weekends and nights testing or launching new systems.

My daughter works in PR but her area of expertise is social media...totally different culture. I am shocked, yes shocked, with what she wears to work daily but she assures me that when she meets face to face with the client it's "power suits" and "heels" all the way!

She also has to do a lot of evening social events with her clients and often sends me pics.The last one she sent me was at the Toronto Film Festival and was a picture of her with Hugh Jackman,,,,BRAT!!.

She was drop dead gorgeous in a "little black dress" ...somethings never go out of style.

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marquest(z5 PA)

She was drop dead gorgeous in a "little black dress" ...somethings never go out of style.

That is the truth. If I have to just dress up and it is not one of the must have formal. I have two black dresses that just by changing the jewelry and add a shaw they look like different dresses or at least I think they do.

You know during my business life I did notice that not only the type of work you were in but city, or state all seem to have a different culture of how relaxed you could dress.

But none were relaxed enough for any athletic attire would be acceptable. It may sound snobbish but you are judged on knowing what is acceptable attire for a event like it or not it happens. I saw it a happen many times through my career. There were people that never went any further in their career because of not being aware there is a right thing you should wear and a wrong thing.

There were outdoor events that people thought heck this is a fun event and I have the perfect the outfit. Those outfits were the talk of the company for years. It was no doubt why those employees stayed in a lower level position. That standard held for men and women.

Thank you Demi for the thoughtful offer that was sweet, but I do enjoy shopping. I donate them after I wear them. I use to give them to one organization for Prom gowns but they stop asking for prom gowns they needed business cloths. They were getting left with to many gowns because less kids were attending the formal event and going more to the casual graduation events. I started taking them to a resale shop that seems to be doing good and they use the proceeds for meals for needy families.

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Demi, I heard it too but unfortunately when I was in their stores prior to that the quality wasn't as good as it was a few years ago. I was disappointed because they were always reliable. Perhaps now after their pr nightmare, and it was, they have improved. I don't know. I do know there are many manufacturers of great yoga pants that are less expensive and were of better quality than Lulumon's became. I know they were trying hard to reclaim their reputation so perhaps they have improved.

I wear yoga pants for a multitude of things including a causal dinner out with a nice shirt and a nice pair of flats in a neighborhood/casual restaurant or having a casual dinner at my house or friends. They are perfect and comfortable and appropriate. They are also great for running errands or my walks around the city, sporting events, shopping, etc.. I am not a sneaker or running shoe wearer but I wear sandals and flats with them. I also love my jeans but wouldn't wear either where I was expected to dress up and I haven't found they are acceptable at jobs unless it was a casual sporting event. Yoga pants are yoga pants and slacks are slacks two different things, and not interchangeable, and they are not appropriate in most offices or where there is a specific dresscode or for a more formal occassion.

I worked in many different environments, and it all depends on the company/organizations culture and the job and the location. I worked where anything went including athletic wear and also worked where jeans were only acceptable on a "dress down Friday" and only paired with a nice shirt and shoes and others where casual was acceptable but not jeans. I worked at a an organization where they gave art classes for people living with mental illness so paint stained clothes were appropriate and organizations that worked with artists who did not own dress clothes or anything but jeans.

Again,it depends on the company culture, the job, the department, the role, the location,... It is no longer the 50's where all men were expected to wear suits and ties and women suits and stockings to work and I am thankful for that.

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On the other hand, Esh... maybe we're not talking about the same garment.

Mine look decidedly dressy. They're black, have nice creases from the way I fold and hang them, and when paired with a dressy sweater, shirt and jacket, or other nice top... and a pair of nice ankle boots with heels, or other dress shoes, pass quite easily for a nice pair of dress pants, and make a splendid outfit.

They don't at all resemble sweat pants, nor are they tacky looking. They're not tight, nor are they too short or long. I love them because they offer both comfort and style.

I suppose it also helps that I'm not overweight, trying to squeeze myself into something that clearly doesn't fit.

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