Looking for a big bag of Dolomitic lime

garystpaul(4)March 18, 2012

I'll be doing a lot of container growing this season and would like to have a bag of dolomite lime for use in the mixes. Does anyone know where in the TC I could find this at reasonable cost? TIA, Gary.

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Last year I tried the garden lime found at Menards and Lowes garden areas. I don't think it said Dolomitic on it, but I can tell you my pepper plants in my containers produced peppers like there was no tomorrow. By the end of Oct I was tired of having to cover due to frost potential that I finally had to pull them (felt bad). My sisters been adding the same lime to her veggie garden for several years and she gets some good produce. I think the bags I bought were 50lbs, I think they had 2 sizes too.


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Thanks, Sandy, appreciate the response.

I found a 40 lb bag of NutraLime at HD this weekend for about 6 bucks. It's the non-hydrated, supposedly non-burning kind. Hope it works out. I'll be trying peppers for the first time this year. I've recently read about people digging up pepper plants, overwintering them inside and planting out next season for an early start.


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