Pink flowering Magnolia trees in DC

christy2828(8a)March 11, 2008

Need some help please :) When I moved here about 3 years ago, we went to the tidal basin to see the Cherry Trees. I'd never seen a Cherry tree and they were not in bloom yet. So we walked from the tidal basin into the city, not far. We found an area with two lines of Pink flowering Magnolia trees. It had concrete benches, and several people sketching the flowers. It was lovely, and I've never forgotten it, but have no idea where it is located. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Sorry I don't have a picture, I do remember lots of bees. Christy :)

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JohnnieB(Washington, DC 7a/b)

The tree you're referring to is probably Magnolia soulangeana, a very common hybrid (and not one of my personal favorites!). It's hard to say where you saw them because they are planted all over the city.

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There are some gorgeous ones at Arlington Cemetery, right by the Kennedy graves. These pics are from early April 2005.


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Thank you!! I think they are beautiful and smell wonderful. The place I went to was lined with them, and then lots of concrete. Within walking distance of the Washington monument, and I was 6 months pregnant, so that isn't far!!! I think there might have been fountains as well, but they weren't on. I'll have to check out Arlington, those are fantastic pictures!! Christy :)

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I think you may mean the park off 19th St. NW. It's located between the General Services Administration HQ and Department of Interior, not too far from the mall. Try "1900 F St. NW" on google maps for location. I've walked thru there when they are blooming and it is lovely. We have a 30+ year old one in the front yard, and when it's nice it's very very nice. When a late frost hits those buds, or worse, the open flowers, it is horrible. Interestingly, the year following a bad one, the number of buds is much heavier than usual.

Here is a link that might be useful: Google Maps

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That's it, Lisa!!!! It was on E Street between 18th and 19th street. The blossoms aren't quite ready, yet, but here are some pics :) Thanks so much, Lisa!!! Christy :)

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