Very Sappy!

selkie_b(z4 MN)March 19, 2007

Whoever in the news it was (I'd have to look it up but it was in the NY Times) who said it was going to be a bad sap year is NOT FROM HERE! OMG.... I've never gotten this much in the several years I've done this! I've filled a 5 gallon brew bucket, a 4 gallon brew decanting bucket (we make beer too), A 16 Qt stock pot, a 12 Qt stock pot, plus the 2 standard stock pot and pasta pot I use to boil down in... which I started last night. Got up this morning to my bags nearly bursting out there! This may be a two propane tank year! :)

Spiles will be pulled day after tomorrow or tomorrow afternoon both for the health of the tree and my sanity! *LAUGH*



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