Maple tree woes

johnwcm(7)July 6, 2014

Hi, I recently found a maple tree sapling at my freinds house. He was going to throw it out, but I took it. We put in sand just for transport. Two days at my house on the patio were spent in the sany pot. I then planted it into a soil pot for a day, but it was dropping leaves, so a day later i planted it in a shady spot underneath a hedge (actually pine trees very close together) A hurricane moved by my area recently. This was on Thursday night. Today i arrived back home from a vacation and to my horror, i found the leaves wilted and dry, I guess the storm water was not enough, i thought since it was in a shady area it would be ok for a weekend, and the storm was coming. I watered it a lot today, and am wondering what i should do ti hopefully save this sapling, it is about a foot tall. Thanks

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

Without a picture it's hard to tell.
Your mistake was putting the recently potted maple seedling out on a sunny deck in sand.
About all you can do now is keep it watered.
With my experience I would pot it up with potting medium and keep it in the shade until it can handle more light. Then in the fall, put it in the ground for the winter.

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