Earthway pelleted carrot plate

kelise_mJune 20, 2013

Last winter I had decided that my big farm tool purchase for the year was going to be one of those $500+ six-row seeders. So I called up Johnny's to ask a couple questions and their tool guy recommended that I try their "pelleted carrot plate, not listed in the catalog, and about $500 less. Sounded like good advice, so I ordered one.

I've been through several plantings now, and the verdict is still out on the carrots (having trouble with the germination, maybe because I'm using all drip for the first time?) But what I wanted to share is that it's working absolutely fabulous for 'Hakurei' turnips and arugula. I've haven't had to thin any turnips this year (yay!) and the density is perfect for bunching arugula. Love it when stuff turns out great and hope this helps you too!

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

Here is how we start carrots every year. We do multiple plantings and this system always works.


Here is a link that might be useful: Starting carrots

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

Jay, if you lay the row cover down in 2-3 layers over the beds, you don't have to water so much. I germinate carrots in the heat of the summer this way (90F+-) and only water once every 4 days, not 4 times a day!

Kelise, thanks for the tip. I've heard of the mysterious "pelleted carrot plate' found only by asking for it, and wondered if it actually worked or if it just broke all the seed coating. I've been hand seeding all my small seeded greens for years now and have it down pretty good. I can seed a 4 row 100' bed in about 30 min., so the earthway usually just gets used for marking rows (and spinach).


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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

Last summer when it was 100 plus degrees by 10 in the morning with a stiff 25-30 mph south wind day after day after day, it didn't matter how many times you watered, they just dried out(and so did I). I did get a great stand.

I will have to try your suggestion this year, that would be easier.


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Definitely going to try the two layers of row cover trick. I've been trying to get away with no overhead watering at far not impressed with the results. The pelleted carrot plate doesn't break up the coating like the regular one does. Mark, I'm impress with your hand seeding speed, maybe we should call you the "Human Four Row Seeder"! Jay, I love the new cover photo on your blog, I haven't been there since you changed it. What a fine looking bunch of kids!

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If you can hold one layer of row cover above the other by a small space, it will minimize evaporation even more because it prevents wicking and traps moist air between the two layers.

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

What do you suggest? Spray foam?

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