Marketing Heirloom Vegetables To Restaurants

sandhill_farms(10 NV)June 29, 2010

Is there any market for heirloom vegetables in the restaurant business? In other words, are chefs interested in heirloom varieties?

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dirtdigging101(7 - NC)

you will have to ask the chef, depends on him and his goals for his customers. they are all different. my son is a chef and is very pro local and heirloom but then he understands a lot about it. sometimes it takes some educating and that takes time

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During my early years, I had 2-3 restaurants that I sold to. After awhile I figured out that I wasn't making as much money selling to them versus my regular farmers market customers. Now I don't have enough to selling to the restaurants, and if they want them bad enough, they'll pay my prices. I do cut them alittle bit of a deal, but not near as much as when I was supplying them on a regular basis. My restautants were nearby my market, so it was easy for them to come to the market and buy.

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independent high end restaurants tend to be mom and pop greasy spoons not so much.

You will have to go to the kitchen door between 2 and 4pm (never ever go when they are serving lunch or dinner) and ask for the chef and show that person what you have.

I always charged top prices for such things when I sold to restaurants especially if they get under a case of something

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Please, can someone explain how is the best way to do the vegetables distribution? Where I can sale my products. I am new growing vegetables, and I need a good advice! Thanks so much in advance, I will appreciate if you can share with me your experiences about it.

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My experience was that the restaurant came to me at the farmers market and asked about it. They expected the very best and all the same sizes, no imperfections at all, even for taco night.


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