Is this wierd or what? The Tulips are starting to bloom!

hostalover360(4)March 26, 2012

Tell me that I'm not the only one that thinks its weird that Spring is here in March! Were so far along that the trees are leafing out, Crocus are done, Daffodils look like there fading some and the Tulips are starting to bloom, I did not take photos of the Tulips yet but I will soon.

Magnolias that were blooming last week.

Hyacinths last week

This photo of Daffodils is a bit old when the Crocus were still going, but I thought I would share it anyway!

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

The crocus have bloomed here but only a few daffs next to the house have bloomed. Hopefully the others that are in bud will survive our return to winter.

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jodi_4(z4 Mn)

I agree! My magnolia is already finishing up with it blooms and so is my wheeping cherry. The daffodils are getting old and ratty already and I even have some tulips starting to bloom. And it's only the 9th of April, holy cow.
My whole yard looks more like mid May then early April. Of course the pests are out in force, as well as the weeds, which seem to be hardier then usual this year. I even have web worms in the crabapples aleady, which usually I don't see till well into June. EEK!
Of course now that everything has taken off we are expecting hard freezes for the next two or three nights.

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Wierd? No, it is Minnesota....Only place that you can be ten below one January Day and then a few days later be out on a lake ice fishing in a tshirt.

Go fishing up North on Memorial day and wake up and brush an inch of snow off your boat.

Plant early and find out that a hard freeze is going to happen in Mid May or get a hard freeze in late September.

Nature doesn't use the Julian calender does She? Ground temperature rules....

Wish I had planted more bulbs last year.

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