oscarthecat(z7MD)April 11, 2005

can any one give me tips on growing salpiglos here in z7md. friend steve

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blueheron(z6 PA)

I think you mean salpigloss? You might want to check the Annuals Forum for the info you want.

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Easier to pronounce than spell! Salpiglossis ;-) I grew this one in NH as it likes cool, but have not tried it down here. Too humid and hot I think. It will grow for you, and is easy from seed - stained glass flowers - but I don't think it will be at it's best for you unless we have a cool dry summer.

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slubberdegulion(z7 VA)

They are easy from seed (I've read they need dark to germinate). I have to admit though that I would rather buy the plants. My favorite strain is 'Kew Blue'. This year I'll be trying them in a sunnier spot to see how they do. I've grown them in a bed that gets only a couple of hours of full sun (and a few hours of indirect sun). They never reseed for me, but they do well even without attention, although a few got a bit leggy.

I bought some in a mix of colors from Graceful Gardens a few years back that I enjoyed.

Good luck with yours!

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I stand corrected, salpigloss it is. Thanks for the info Steve

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