go ahead and try it..a.driveway stand!

telecaster(5)June 1, 2006

I thought this year what have I got to loose..labor cost is not an issus becauce I love doing this and it is on a very small scale..so I grew about 100 tom plants in my gararge.

repotted a couple times and put them out by the road in a small garden cart...50 cents apiece..aside from watering there was no other time involved.To my surprise I made about $30 in this little town of 400 people.As a rule people don't even look at the label if it's a heirlom or whatever.

They mostly pick up the biggest best looking plant.

One other good thing is that I will have a little word of mouth advertisement because of this.Another tip is if there is going to be a city wide garage sale in your town make sure you put up some signs and be ready for that ..Also advertise at work if u can ..I sold quite a few plants that way also...Give it shot..If you are in it strictly for the $ you would have to spend some on a stand and probably set up in ither places but if you just enjoy gardening and would like to at least get some cash for supplies next year give it a try..PS: MY PLANTS LOOKED BETTER AND SURVIVED BAD WEaTHER BETTER THAN ANY STORE BOUGHT PLANTS AT HALF THE PRICE...

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WOW!! You sold your seedling for only 50 cent ea? Are they in 4' pots? I am selling my seedling at the Farmers Market and in my front yard stand for $3.00 ea. I grew 12 variitys both heirloom and hybrid. The are in 4" peat pots and are some great looking plants.I have sold about 150 seedlings so far. I think you may be selling yourself short.What state are you in? I am in NH.

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I am in IL...this was more of an experiment than anything else..and where I live the population is only 400..plants were not quite 4 inch size but very close..the funny thing is I loaded up some plants and went to a larger town and set up on a busy highway and didn't sell one plant in 2 hours! think I will let the plants get a little bigger next year and charge a buck apiece.I could probably set up somewhere else but it wouldn's be worth the time and expense.

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