good quality soil to be delivered---recommend?

cofeidiMarch 2, 2010

Does anyone know of a good source for quality garden soil in the metro area?

Last spring I had Kern Landscape deliver their 50/50 Premium Garden Blend Mixture ($38/yard, $75 for delivery). I think it's okay, but seemed kind of sandy. My assumption is that it should be lighter and more compost filled to be a good garden soil (kind of like a quality bagged garden soil).

Any comments or recommendations?

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I am not sure how big your garden is ,but the best bet is to drive out to the rural areas and find a farmer with a cattle yard,grab some five gallon buckets ,storage totes or what ever means you have ,load up some manure compost out the cattle yard .A good shovel full of this around all your transplants will do wounders. If you can't find any I would be glad to help but I am 90 miles north of the metro area. You can get by with far less if you only treat the ares needed around the plants

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Are you ammending flower beds? Vegtable garden? Why do you need the soil brought in? That would help to better answer your question.


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Both vegtable and flower. I will use the soil to build a new flower/ native plant garden, ammend my existing vegtable garden, and for flower pots around my yard. Also, when I dig plants up I would throw some of the purchased soil in the empty space.

I need 6 cuyds. My plan is to use a moified lasagna gardening method -- put newspaper down to kill grass in the new garden area, a layer of leaves, layer or peat moss, then the garden soil.

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We always get our soil from D-Rock in New Brighton. We pick ours up, but I am sure they deliver too. They have a garden blend that works great for us, we've used it for all our raised beds.

D Rock Center
(866) 339-1078
Address: 175 Old Hwy 8 SW, New Brighton, MN 55112

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NRG manages the compost site in Coon Rapids and several others as well. They have an awesome sifted compost at under 10$ a yard, I use it to ammend my beds. I know they have soil as well, but I have not used it. I do not know about delivery though...sorry. This is Minnesota, you must at least one friend with a pick up you can borrow...LOL.


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I get my soil from Mississippi Topsoil near St. Cloud. Its great soil. I don't think he delievers but he might know of someone that does. I know if offers bagged soil but its way more expensive.

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Mississippi Topsoil is in Cold Spring and it is great!
I get potting mix, top soil and mulch from them almost every year.
They do sell in bulk, not sure about delivery. But if they do not provide it I'll bet they can offer suggestions.

Under the 'Contact us' link you will find email and phone info.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mississippi Topsoils

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You can get some pretty good soil mixtures and quality blends from

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I just made a 30 yard mix myself for new raised beds. I used:
6 Yards Composted Horse manure (Cornerstone Horse Complex)
4 Yards Composted Cow Manure (two sources Kern & Gertens, farm I planned on getting it from was too muddy)
20 50# bags Chicken Manure
15 Yards Sifted Compost from two different local compost sites
5 Yards Peatmoss (Peat inc)

I used a dump trailer behind my truck for the entire job, I would do it again for everything except the compost, I found out after the fact that they have a large dump truck and would have charged less than $100 since I'm about 1 mile away.

How much you need is going to be very key to answering your question.

I would just recommend you mix your own, and don't use filler materials like "top soil", just use nutrient rich matter like compost. If you have a crop that needs sand, put the soil in the bed in layers then till to mix. You shouldn't need premix, if someone else is mixing, you don't get to know exactly what's in it or if it's the quality you expect.

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