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Do you have an electric shredder/chipper? Can you speak to how well it handles perennial stalks from the previous year? They are more fibrous than woody so I'm concerned about them causing jams/clogging. How easy is it to unclog/unjam your shredder? Can it handle leaves too? (I don't care about branches at all.)

If you can recommend one for the uses I've outlined, please post the brand/model and any comments.


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I have the electric woodchipper that is found in the Harbor Freight catalogue (they probably carry it in their store, but I'd call them first to verify this).

I've used it for sunflower stalks, and it handles them pretty well, and for this it's easy to 'unclog'. I've never thought to try running leaves through it (I'm lazy, I just rake them into a big garbage can then drag it back to my mulch bin). As far as the stalks from my 'smaller' periennels/annuals, again, I'm lazy, I just break them in half and add them to my mulch bin. It's a pretty simple machine so I suspect it would handle leaves just fine and be easy to unclog.

I think it would depend on the quantity of stalks/leaves you have to deal with. I don't have a lot and to be honest, I bought this woodchipper more for my brother, who is mentally retarded/autistic and fascinated by woodchippers. We use about a half dozen times during the summer/early fall for chopping (chipping?) small branches when I prune and later all the big wood stalks from sunflowers. So, in a way, I purchased this more for fun/entertainment value for by brother that turns out to actually handy.

For what my needs are, this chipper is fine. If you have a LOT of material to chip and a lot of leaves, I almost think you might be better off renting a gas run chipper once or twice a year-those can quickly make short work of a lot of stuff and less likely to 'clog' on branches that are too thick, etc.

There are most likely larger, more powerful electric chippers are out there, so I can't say if one of those might be just what you are looking for.

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