Wooden crates (food grade?)

oregon_veg(8)June 11, 2006

Here's a strange question.

I have been looking for food grade crates to buy for storing

lots of veggies. I mentioned this to an old woodworking

friend and he mentioned having tons of scrap wood and he would be more than happy to make me a bunch for free.

I questioned whether it needed to be a food grade wood and he just shrugged it off. So my question.

How do I know what kind of woods are safe to use for direct contact with food? I mean, if they're gonna be free, I won't have to buy any. He has all different kinds of wood he could use.



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Dont fuss so much.

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I'd just make sure that you are not using treated wood or old pallet wood.

All woods can be sprayed with a bleach solution.

For longevity you may want to try cedar, cypurus, or redwood...

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I agree with hmeadq. Avoid treated wood. I'm going to use tamarack milled from trees on our farm just as soon as the boards finish drying.

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Sorry so long to respond.
Been on vacation.
Thanks for the suggestions.

BTW, Organic Nut,
Really Intelligent and helpful advice.


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