We bought 5 more acres!!!

doucanoeMarch 6, 2006

The fellow that owned the 15 acres next to us SPLIT thae land into a 10 and 5 acre and put it up for sale! We were just sick over the thought of two homes going in right next to us! We crunched the numbers, and altho it will strap us a bit, we made an offer on the 5 acre that is adjacent to our land.

Last night they accepted! There was another offer on it that was identical to ours, but they took ours as we had "done something nice for them a couple of years ago".

What we did was give the family a ride home (30-35 miles away) after they got their truck stuck in the mud when they came out to see their new property in the spring!

Theis piece is mostly open with trees along the property lines. So I can have a veggie garden! I will have some sun! Hmmmm....maybe a greenhouse...or...or....

Well, allright, the fancy stuff will have to wait until we have money again! LOL


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lynnsherbs(4 Minnesota)

Congratulations!....Maybe you'd like to take in a boarder?...just kidding. But, good for you!


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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

Congratulations, Linda!

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selkie_b(z4 MN)



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I have checked with the assessors office. If we put at least 10 acres "in production" (plant a crop) we can qualify to get taxed as agricultural. This would cut our property taxes dramatically!

Looking at maybe Xmas trees. We can barely eek out 10 useable acres on our property as we have a large wetland area. But it sounds like if we come close they will approve it!
Anyone got a better idea that is relatively low maintenance? I also thought of sugar maples and learning how to tap them when they are mature.


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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

Depending on what the land is like, maybe alfalfa? You could hire someone to seed it and to mow and bale it (usually 3-4 times during the summer). Good horse hay is sometimes hard to find and would probably bring a good price.

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black walnuts. you (or your heirs) can get some serious $$ for mature quality trees

do you still qualify if you sublease it?

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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

I also think a hay type crop might be a good idea- if you have the equipment and time to bale it a couple of times a year.
I do know that alot of the farmers up north as they age rent out their surplus land to crop farmers and as pasture to increase income and cut taxes- Maybe that would be something to look into.
You do have many christmas tree farms around there already- would another be profitable? Would a pick your own berry farm be a good idea? Apple orchard? Again- do you have the time to spare to man the home business? How about setting the wetlands aside for "Protection" and receiving a break that way- Does the state still offer tax shelters for protected lands? Wildlife sanctuary- with Wolves!!! How about the U- any protected status awarded to research areas?
Well- I am sure something will show itself as being the best choice you could make to help you ease the cost of your purchase.
WOW- SUN- what a happy girl you will be!
I am so happy for you!
I do hope you enjoy learning about your new peice of the world!

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MinnesotaSue_z4(western MN)

Would you qualify as a buffer zone to any rivers, etc? If you did there is a program called 'Buffer the best, farm the rest'. Where do you live that this is being subdivided?

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All good ideas, as usual. Don't have the equipment to raise an annual crop such as hay or alfalfa. Don't think farmers would rent a small parcel such as this, either.
That's why I thought of trees. Sounds like it just has to be planted in SOMETHING, and I am all for plant it and let it go!
We are between Cambridge and North Branch. Still a bit of farmland around here, but the farmers are beginning to sell their land to developers (sadly, more profitable than farming...).
I will check into the wetland and buffer programs. we do have a creek running thru, thus the large marshland on our 20.
Thanks for the suggestions, all!


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We own some acreage in Lake Elmo but our house is in Woodbury. We have our land listed as agricultural and I would go and check with the county to see if you actually need to put a crop out there. THere is also another tax bracket called Green Acres but I do not remember the requirements. I would check in person at the county for your options rather than a phone call. FYI I do have a garden on my land surrounded by a snow fence to keep the deer out. I may water 2 times a summer but my perennials do great out there, less dieases too.

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