Poor guy stuck with 12,400 Roma tomato plants

californianJune 11, 2011

I saw this ad on Craigslist. Someone has 200 flats of 62 plants each for sale for $10 a flat. I doubt anyone wants a whole flat of Roma plants, and the plants are already six to eight inches high and too big for the cells they are in. I am guessing the guy is going to end up taking a big loss.

He could try repotting into four inch pots, but this late in the season it would probably add even more to his loss.

Last week he was advertizing them for $15 a flat.


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Poor guy, evidently whoever he thought he had them sold to backed out.

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I've not heard of 62-cell flats - maybe he lost a few plants in each one!

If I had that problem, I would be selling them for $1-2 per flat and get part of my money back.


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I didn't catch that, it could be 72 cts, which would be worse.

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