Help with choosing Magnolia Tree

ctnm830April 2, 2013

Could I ask for some free advice? I am a homeowner in Western Virginia we just bought a magnolia tree to plant at our new house. I am concerned that we got the correct variety. It is the dd Blanchard variety. I do not wish to plant the conical shape variety, but rather the one that grows very tall and has a very wide canopy. Is this due to pruning solely, or does the variety mostly determine the shape? We have huge, extremely mature trees which we plan to plant this magnolia tree next to. The idea is to visually fill in a big hole in the landscape in the area to the back of the house with no grass, between the mature trees. We don't plan to have grass or flowers under the tree, and shedding leaves and pods won't be an issue because the area is beyond our backyard. Thank you so much

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