suggestions for groundcover in shade

neesie(4)March 14, 2013

I would like suggestions for what I can use as a groundcover when I get ride of landscaping rocks that are currently on the side of my garage (going down a slope). The garage is on the west side of my house so that slope is shaded most of the day and gets a lot of light when the sun sets.

The slope is also a natural pathway to my backyard and walkout level of my ranch style home. I hated walking on the rocks; they were originally put in when we bought the house (for drainage issues) but a few years ago we put in a drain tile around the foundation so no longer need to have the rock. I want something soft and durable enough to take foot traffic. Any and all suggestions are appreciated!

In photo look to the right hand side of the house to see area that needs groundcover.

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It would be good to know how big an area you are talking about. If large enough you could create a path surrounded by shade plants. I don't really know of any plants besides grass that would stand up to a lot of walking, but then I learn new things everyday so someone on the forum may have the answer.


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Pachysandra or ajuga with stepping stones.

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Bugleweed is a nice ground cover with small purple flowers and burgandy/green foilage. I have it planted on the side of my house in the shade to stop erosion. I'm not aware of any ground cover you can walk on like grass. Most of them cannot handle the traffic.

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Many of the lamiums, such as lamium maculatum 'White Nancy' or 'Pink Pewter'. Or Asarum caudatum or europaeum (both so-called 'wild ginger' types). Lot of others, but none I know of that can take both shade and foot traffic.


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I have pacasandra and ajuga, which you really don't want to walk on. I have creeping Jenny and a vinca vine with blue flowers which I do walk on. All grow well in shade for me.

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