Interesting markings on H. 'London Fog'

josephines123 z5 ON CanadaJuly 30, 2014

My London Fog is quite attractive this year and really holding the streaks and stippled look well thus far. Yesterday, upon closer scrutiny I noticed about 5-6 leaves bearing a corrugated dark green stripe. I really like the additional interest this stripe is providing.

I've been growing this one for at least three years so am familiar with its transitions (viridescence) throughout the season. However, the addition of the stripe is something new.

LF's parent, Allegan Fog has that dk. grn. stripe as it's margin...could this LF be starting to sport ... Or revert?

Do you have a London Fog? If so, have you experienced the appearance of this stripe?

Any enlightenment would be appreciated.

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Hi Josephine,

My experience is that this sport will take over the plant if you do not separate it. Please see our discussion from last year at the link.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

ConnieMay, thank you! The link you provided is exactly what satisfies my question! I joined the forum two weeks after the thread was generated...would you believe I hadn't run across it during the days...and days...and days of reading back in late June, 2013. Much appreciated!

I am going to see if I have a good eye of this striped section. I would love to save it and grow it on as it is sooo interesting. Otherwise, I think my London Fog is looking good! There is also a large portion that is exhibiting a white thin margin...who knows? If successful in culling, I may end up with three versions of London Fog! What fun!

Thanks again, ConnieMay.


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Eleven(Metro Detroit 6A)

ConnieMay, I think your London Fog is more than looking good :) My only experience is the teeny sad one I have. And I'm pretty sue I've had it 3 years, lol. Yours is beautiful!

Actually I think I'll pot it and sink the pot into the ground. I have a couple hostas that are happier that way.

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chris-e(7 MD)

I think it is great too! I have a tiny one that has barely made it through 3 summers. I also bought another this year and planted next to the Allegan fog figuring it should grow well in the same area. The first one nearly burned up the first summer and it has been in a lot of shade for two years. The nw one is in more sun. My Allegan Fog is wonderful, no fickleness at all.


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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Chris, I hope your LF takes off for you. Really lovely Allegan Fog - love the ruffling on the leaves...a couple of them remind me of Golden Meadows' margins.

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I have a nice full London Fog from Made In The Shade 2013. It stayed streaked/fogged over all last year, and seems to have some form of that look so far this year. I might take a closer look at it tomorrow, now that Jo says hers is coloring up differently. I did not realize it was a family characteristic. I love the horizontal bars striping through the light leaf color.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

I like it too, Mocc...kind of adds more character...:-) lol

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